Gazer is a brand of professional CCTV systems, high-quality portable devices and car electronics. Cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions and high quality standards – this is what Gazer equipment is famous for.

Gazer Tegra Note 7 is by far the fastest and most functional 7-inch tablet. The unique Nvidia DirectStylus ™ pen input technology, powerful speaker system, lightning speed in 3D-games, stunning photo and video effects, awesome graphics and the world's fastest mobile platform NVIDIA Tegra 4 – a set of features previously unavailable in any other 7-inch tablet.

Gazer multimedia systems bring an exciting world of opportunities and entertainment right into your car. Android OS, Internet connection via 3G USB modem or USB Wi-Fi adapter, incredibly realistic and smooth sound and HD video playback – Gazer multimedia system will make your every trip eventful and fascinating.

Gazer car DVR systems will help you record the road situation at any time and in any weather conditions. Gazer DVRs will also enable you to reconstruct any events that may occur during the trip and thus identify the offenders, prove your innocence and defend yourself in court. Gazer product line includes SD, HD and Full HD DVRs with various functional and technical specifications.

Hassle-free parking or maneuvering in a confined space are “piece-of-cake” tasks for Gazer video parking systems. A rear view Gazer camera and a Gazer display device – an onboard monitor or a rear view mirror with an integrated monitor – are installed in your car. The devices can be easily interconnected via the switching and control unit. When the car is backing up, the image from the video camera is displayed on the monitor allowing the driver to have complete control of the “blind spot” behind the car even at night.

Gazer CCTV systems are video camcorders for indoor and outdoor surveillance and digital DVRs. Gazer CCTV systems include analog equipment as well as IP and HD-SDI system. Compact and noiseless DVRs for home surveillance, analogue dome systems, IP and HD-SDI video cameras for office surveillance and anti-vandal devices for workshops, Full HD high-definition video surveillance and standard analogue systems – Gazer product range encompasses high-quality video surveillance systems suitable for various applications.