Gazer rear-view mirrors
with a built-in monitor and MVR
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Gazer mirrors can completely replace stock car mirrors and are identical to them in terms of shape, mirror surface, and material quality, as well as mounting principle.
For all Gazer mirrors


display 4.3"

Built-in 4.3" display with a high brightness of 1000 cd/m² makes the image clearly visible even on sunny days.

Automatic brightness adjustment

Automatic brightness adjustment; an option of automatic switching of the video source to the rear-view camera.


For simultaneous connection of a rear-view video camera with a front view camera, a dashcam, or a DVD player


Installing Gazer rear-view mirror with a built-in monitor is super easy. It requires minimal effort and takes little or no time.


As part of a video parking system, Gazer mirror operates in a way that is both simple and efficient. When the car is driving in reverse, the video signal from the rear-view camera will be displayed on the built-in 4.3” monitor. This enables the driver to control the distance to obstacles behind the car that cannot be seen in side mirrors or in a standard interior rear-view mirror.
When the car is moving forward and the built-in monitor is turned off, Gazer mirror turns into a standard rear-view mirror – with a completely clear mirror surface and the built-in monitor made absolutely invisible.

Mirrors with built-in DVR

Gazer rear-view mirrors with a built-in monitor and DVR is in two series MМR and MUR

140° viewing angle

An optimal combination of a 140° angle of view and highly detailed imagery helps the driver to accurately evaluate the traffi c conditions on a multilane freeway.

High quality optics

A six-layer IR compensated glass lens for a high resolution video regardless of illumination conditions.

F2.0 aperture

A large F2.0 aperture captures more light, which considerably improves the image quality in low light or at night.

High Dynamic Range

HDR is the most modern technology that ensures a high dynamic range and improves the image by taking multiple exposures of the same frame.


Intelligent safety systems: LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System).

Super HD

Super high resolution Super HD (2304x1296) video for a highly detailed image for a 51хх/71хх serias.

Full HD

Full HD resolution (1920x1080) for a detailed representation of the traffi c conditions for a 50xx/70xx.

GPS module

A GPS unit detects the vehicle’s location and speed at the time of the recording.

loop video recording

A 70/30 loop video recording: ordinary video is recorded in a loop, while emergency video fi les are recorded separately.

Parking mode

Parking security video recording with the engine turned off (30 min to 12 hours). Control over the minimal circuit voltage. When the minimal value iof 11.7 V is reached, the camera turns off automatically.


A G-sensor automatically protects emergency files from being overwritten; fine tuning of the sensitivity for better adjusting to the external conditions and maximum reaction accuracy.

audio recording

Optional audio recording; the microphone can be turned off in the privacy mode.

ldws, контроль полосы движения

LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) monitors the current lane and provides a sound alarm whenever the driver departs from the chosen lane. FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) identifies the image of the car moving ahead and promptly alerts the driver when his/her car gets too close to other vehicles. Both functions can be configured to meet the size of the car and conditions of the forthcoming road trip.


Gazer mirrors are ideal for use with rear view cameras making them a full-fledged video parking system.

gps modul

Gazer mirrors with a built-in dashcam can be connected to a GPS module, which allows tracking the car’s location during recording and monitoring its current speed. In addition, the date and time of recording will always be embedded in the video.

parking mode

Another Gazer rear-view mirrors distinctive feature is the ability to continue recording after the engine is turned off. One can use the setting menu to set the desired DVR operation time — from 30 minutes to 12 hours. The DVR has a function to control the minimal voltage in the car's on-board power system. Once the minimal value (11.7V) is reached, the device will shut down. This prevents the car battery from discharging to a critical level after which it will be impossible to start the car.

Rear-view mirrors with
a built-in display

— Gazer MU and MM series car mirrors —
2 composite video inputs

Gazer rear-view mirrors have 2 composite video inputs. Each of them automatically switches to PAL or NTSC mode, depending on the input video signal. The first video input is designed to stream video from the car DVR or DVD player and displays the image as soon as it receives a video signal. At the same time, it is possible to disable the built-in monitor by pressing a corresponding button on the mirror’s front panel so as not to distract the driver if the DVR is constantly on and turn the monitor on again when needed.

The second video input is designed for connection of Gazer rear-view cameras. The video feed from this camera will be displayed on the monitor only when the camera is on, i.e. when the reverse gear is sel ected. In this case, the image from the rear-view camera will be prioritized and the built-in monitor will automatically switch to the rear-view camera video input as soon as the camera is turned on. Even if the built-in monitor was turned off by pressing a button on the mirror, it will automatically turn on and display the video fr om the rear-view camera as soon as it is turned on. Similarly, it will turn off as soon as the reverse gear is disengaged. For the most comfortable perception of the camera image, you can adjust the brightness of the built-in monitor using a corresponding button on the mirror.

a central control button

For maximum viewing convenience, the mirror's front panel has a central control button with extended functionality.

  • When the reverse gear is switched off, the button is used to turn the monitor on and off.
  • The mirror also has a "memory" function that remembers the last setting and enables it whenever the car engine starts.

The mirror also has a "memory" function that remembers the last setting and enables it whenever the car engine starts. If the monitor is turned off by pressing the button, it will not turn back on automatically the next time the engine starts.




Gazer model range includes standard mirrors with integrated mounts as well as mirrors with a universal mount and replaceable adapters.

Gazer MM MMR

Title 1

mirror mount integrated with the case

Mirrors with mounts built in the case. Each mount is designed for installation of the mirror into a particular vehicle model or a range of vehicle models. MM/MMR series includes two types of mirrors, auto-dimming (7xx) and regular (5xx). Gazer mirrors have the same appearance, surface quality, and mounts as the factory installed rear-view mirrors. Letter "R" in the model's code signifi es a built-in camera.

Gazer MU MUR

removable adapter

The mirror's mounting bracket has a universal flat platform for mounting special MB series detachable adapters. An adapter is needed for mounting an MU/MUR mirror in a specific car model. Thus, MU/MUR series mirrors with a universal mounting bracket are suitable for standard installation in the majority of popular car models – all one needs to do is select a compatible adapter and attach it to the mirror. This makes the selection and further use of the device much easier.
Title 1
  • The lens module is located on the left side of the mirror, which allows installing the device in any car equipped with a rain sensor.
  • Auto dimming function offers protection from the glare of bright headlights of cars driving behind in the dark.
  • Gazer car mirrors are fully compatible with Gazer PA4xxx
    series parking sensors.


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Gazer rear-view mirrors with built-in FullHD recorder and GPS series MUR5000

Gazer mirrors are all-in-one devices capable of replacing your rear view mirror, your parking system display unit, and your dashcam (MUR/MMR).


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