Gazer reversing camera of Gazer CC100-886-L series is designed to be installed instead of a license plate light cover of a car. The model uses LED backlight and is virtually identical to the original cover on the material and geometry of the body. Color temperature of LED backlight is 2700K (warm light), which will not differ from the other license plate light.

Gazer License Plate Light Mount CA886-L is designed to fix Gazer Backup Camera CC series and to install it instead of a car license plate light. Gazer Mount is identical to original license plate lights and uses LED backlight with 2700K warm light.

Mount name repeats part of the license plate light original number of compatible vehicle. This allows rechecking the mount compatibility in the installation phase or verifying a car model, which is not available in the compatibility list. Set includes screws and metal plate to fasten backup camera to the mount and special sealing gasket for hermetic installation on the vehicle to avoid moisture ingress (depending on the model the number of assembly components may vary).

Gazer Backup Camera for connection with Gazer mount CA series

Gazer rear-view cameras are based on the most advanced and highly sensitive CMOS sensor with chromatic level and brightness specifically configured for use in video car parking systems. This ensures the absence of the so-called blue noise at night and in poor visibility conditions providing the driver with a clear, crisp and informative image. In other words, the Gazer rear-view camera "sees" better at night than a human eye.

The onscreen parking guidance lines are another important advantage of the Gazer camera. Since the camera uses a wide-angle lens, the image at the top and bottom is slightly curved. The Gazer camera’s parking guidance system is designed to reproduce with maximum accuracy all the geometric distortion of the objects captured in the frame allowing the driver to estimate the actual distance to obstacles.

All Gazer rear-view cameras are enclosed in a sealed case, operate in a wide temperature range from -30°C to +65°C and have IP67 protection class. This means that the Gazer camera is specially designed for stable operation under various conditions: dirt, dust and constant exposure to high pressure washing.Gazer CC125 and Gazer CC155 car video cameras are the latest installment in Gazer camera series combining versatility with advanced technologies. Key advantages:

  • Switching between PAL and NTSC formats. Thanks to this technology, Gazer CC125/CC155 easily integrates with any display unit irrespective of the video standard it supports.
  • Disabling parking guide lines and image mirroring.
  • A timer relay allows switching the camera on for 10 s each time the engine starts and extend its operation by 10 s after the reverse gear is disengaged.
  • A unique distortion compensating lens coupled with an extra wide viewing angle of 175° (for Gazer CC155 model).

C-Max (DXA) Minivan 2010 - o.у.

Fiesta (JA8(2012)) Hatchback 2012 - o.у.

Fiesta (JA8) Hatchback 2008 - 2012

Galaxy (WA6(2010)) Minivan 2010 - o.у.

Galaxy (WA6) Minivan 2006 - 2010

Kuga (DM2) SUV 2008 - o.у.

Ford Mondeo (BA7) Sedan 2007 - 2010

Mondeo (BA7(2010)) Sedan 2010 - o.у.

Ford Mondeo (BA7) Universal 2007 - 2010