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Gazer CC2000-1Z0 is a rear view camera mountable instead of the car trunk lid grip. The camera is integrated into the mount shaped as the original trunk lid grip, which is the exact replica of the OEM car part and is mounted in a standard spot indicated by the manufacturer. This camera model is based on an ultra-sensitive CMOS 1/3" sensor and comes in an ultra-tight IP67-certified body.

Standard in-car mounting

Gazer CC2000-1Z0 is a rear view camera mountable instead of the car trunk lid grip. The camera is integrated into the mount shaped as the original trunk lid grip (with the release button preserved), which is the exact replica of the OEM car part. One can quickly and easily mount the camera in a car without drilling holes in its body.

Plug&Play ready

The camera comes with everything needed for a quick Plug&Play installation. A standard supply package includes a switching and control unit with a complete set of connectors and wires. Everything in the switching unit, including the length of cables connecting it to a display device, is so meticulously designed that the car owner does not have to make any tweaks or buy anything extra.

The unit's important advantage is the power connection method: the camera is powered not from the backup lights but from the car's fuse panel. Backup lights only transmit an actuating signal that tells the fuse panel relay to supply power to the video camera and to the monitor simultaneously. This solution provides the so called "clean electrical power" thus minimizing noise and artifacts in the image that often appear when the camera is powered directly from the car's backup lights. In addition, this type of connection prevents errors when the power mains integrity is checked by the onboard computer.

To further improve image quality, the switching and control unit has an LC filter that stabilizes power supplied to the video camera and to the monitor. A resettable fuse is used as a safety element. The camera generates NTSC image and can be connected to any display device by means of the yellow RCA jack.

Ultra-tight IP67-certified body

Gazer CC2000-1Z0 parking camera has an ultra-tight IP67-certified dust and waterproof body and operates in a wide temperature range of -30°С to +70°С. It means that the device will be able to operate continuously in the most severe conditions: extreme temperatures, dirt, dust and frequent high pressure washing.

High quality video in low light conditions

The model is based on the latest generation CMOS 1/3” sensor with advanced chromaticity and sensitivity settings to ensure efficient operation during night hours. Such specifications enable Gazer video camera to deliver a high quality video signal in low light conditions, rain or fog. Its wide angle 170° lens provides maximum rear view visibility. Besides, the image mirroring function allows the driver to perceive the image from the camera in the same way as he would do when looking in the rear view mirror.


Gazer CC2000-1Z0


CMOS 1/3"


500 TVL

Video signal format


Angle of view


Protection Level


Parking markings


Mirror Image


Backlight Type



0,1 Lux

Signal/noise ratio

› 46 dB

Supply voltage

DC 12V

Operating temperature


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