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Gazer СС3000-5G0 is a rear view camera mountable instead of the car trunk lid emblem shaped as VW Golf VII logo. The camera is integrated into the mount shaped as the original emblem, which is the exact replica of the OEM car part. This camera model is based on an ultra-sensitive CMOS 1/3" sensor, supports on-screen parking guide lines and comes in an ultra-tight IP67-certified body.

Standard in-car mounting

Gazer СС3000-5G0 rear view camera is mounted instead of the car trunk lid emblem shaped as VW Golf VII logo (with the function to open the emblem when the camera is activated). The camera is integrated into the mount shaped as the original VW emblem with the trunk lid release button preserved. The emblem-shaped mount is the exact replica of the OEM car part. It takes a minimum of time and effort to mount the emblem, while the mounting procedure itself does not require any tampering with the car body.

Plug&Play ready

The camera supply package includes everything needed for a quick and easy Plug&Play installation. The delivery set contains: a power cable, a video cable with RCA connector, and a cable for trunk lid release button connection. The switching and control unit comes with a complete set of connectors and wires to ensure that the car owner does not have to make any tweaks or buy anything extra.

Ultra-tight IP67-certified body

Gazer СС3000-5G0 parking camera has a small ultra-tight IP67-certified body and operates in a wide temperature range of -30°С to +70°С. The camera body is completely dust and waterproof, which means that the device will be able to operate continuously in the most severe conditions: dirt, dust and frequent high pressure washing.

High quality video in low light conditions

Gazer video camera is based on the latest generation ultra-sensitive CMOS 1/3" sensor specifically configured for efficient operation in low light conditions. This ensures that the driver gets a clear and informative video signal during rain, fog, and in almost complete darkness. In other words, the video camera "sees" better at night than a human eye, which has already become Gazer's "calling card". The camera's wide 170° viewing angle allows capturing the maximum amount of visual information in the frame and accurately assess the situation behind the vehicle when driving in reverse. The video signal transmitted by the camera yields a horizontally flipped image, which ensures comfortable perception as if the driver were looking in a regular rear view mirror.

Adaptive parking assist guide lines with on/off function

Proprietary on-screen parking guide lines are a distinctive feature of the image produced by Gazer СС3000-5G0 video camera. It is commonly known that wide angle 170º lenses produce a slightly "rounded" image ("fish eye" effect). Standard parking guide lines in regular rear view cameras do not reproduce these distortions and therefore provide inaccurate information about surrounding obstacles during parking. Contrastingly, Gazer video camera makes sure that its parking assist guide lines accurately reproduce all geometric distortions of objects caught in the frame. The driver can use the image from the camera to estimate real distances to obstacles, even when parking diagonally. Moreover, the option to disable the parking guide lines will become a perfect solution for car owners who prefer parking without parking guide lines.


Gazer СС3000-5G0


CMOS 1/3"


500 TVL

Video signal format


Angle of view


Protection Level


Parking markings

Yes, with adaptive parking guide lines; turn off function.

Mirror Image


Backlight Type



0,1 Lux

Signal/noise ratio

› 46 dB

Supply voltage

DC 12V

Operating temperature


Volkswagen Arteon (3H7) Hatchback 2017+

Volkswagen Golf (BE1) Hatchback 2014+

Volkswagen Golf (5G1) Hatchback 2013+

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan (AM1) Minivan 2014+

Volkswagen Golf Variant (BA5) Universal 2014+

Volkswagen Golf (5K1) Hatchback 2009 - 2013

Volkswagen Passat (3G2/3AA) Sedan 2015+

Volkswagen Passat Alltrack (3G5) Universal 2015+

Volkswagen Passat Variant (3G5) Universal 2015+