Gazer F720
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Gazer F720

Based on the acclaimed Sony Exmor sensor, Gazer F720 is a stylish pocketsize DVR and the first ever model in Gazer’s DVR lineup to feature a built-in Wi-Fi module. Now you can use the device for monitoring video recording in real time and DVR customization as well as for saving video files and then sharing them across various social networks with a smartphone. Thanks to a 6-layer glass lens with a wide F1.8 aperture and WDR technology, the device delivers perfect Full HD video quality in any lighting conditions.

Key advantages:
  • built-in Wi-Fi and remote access with a smartphone
  • Gazer Viewer app for Android and iOS
  • Full HD video recording with a 140° viewing angle
  • ultra-sensitive Sony Exmor sensor
  • WDR function, G-sensor, and parking mode
  • 6-layer glass lens with F1.8 aperture
  • extremely compact size, discrete installation
Built-in Wi-Fi module

Recording video with Gazer F720 DVR is both convenient and trendy. Now you do not have to remove the memory card to copy the required video file. With a built-in Wi-Fi module, you can easily connect the DVR to your smartphone and start editing video records directly on the phone. This said, Gazer F720 remains one of the smallest DVRs on the market because there is no need for a screen to view video clips and set up the device. All functions are now available on the smartphone, while the DVR remains invisible inside the car without drawing any unwanted attention.

Proprietary Gazer Viewer app

You can monitor video recording in real time, save video clips, and adjust the DVR settings with any OS Android of iOS-based mobile device. All you need is to download Gazer Viewer app from PlayMarket or AppStore. The app features a complete set of tools for DVR customization and video file management:
- watching videos on a smartphone in real time and in a full screen mode;
- viewing previously recorded video clips and convenient video archive navigation;
- video editing and clipping mode;
- streaming selected videos or video clips to a smartphone
- instant publishing of selected video and photo files on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
- full remote access to the DVR setting menu

Gazer F720 dashcam supports pairing with Gazer F735g dashcam via Wi-Fi. Combining two devices into a single network, this feature allows using them as a dual-channel system and watching streaming video from both dashcams at the same time in “Picture-in-picture” mode. Furthermore, there is a single emergency recording button. When it is pressed, two screenshots and two 10-30 second video clips are captured on both dashcams simultaneously. Each of the dashcams records to its own memory card independently from the other, and the duration of archival footage does not decrease due to the use of two recording channels.

For providing two-channel wireless system Gazer F720 dash cam must be manufactured in 2017 or later with or higher software

Perfect video quality with Sony Exmor sensor

With its powerful hardware and optimized software, Gazer F720 Wi-Fi DVR delivers video recordings of immaculate quality. The DVR records in native Full HD (1920x1080) resolution with a wide viewing angle of 140° to ensure that the entire road ahead is captured in the frame. The use of top-tier glass optics with a 6-layer coated lens and a wide F1.8 aperture allows producing an extremely detailed high-definition image even in low-light situations. Such properties combined with cutting-edge Sony Exmor sensor, which is widely used in state-of-the-art CCTV systems, ensure impressive video quality in any time of the day.

WDR technology

Gazer F720 boasts automatic exposure control technology, or WDR (Wide Dynamic Range). This technology is a must for video surveillance systems where it is critical to capture all important details. Today, WDR is one of the most sought after features in car DVRs. In case of sharp changes in the luminosity level (e.g., when exiting from a tunnel, driving against the light, etc.), this technology allows avoiding “blind” areas in recorded videos. Thanks to WDR technology, objects that were over or underexposed during filming will always appear crisp and informative in the recording.

Unattended operation

Ultra-compact Gazer F720 DVR operates in a fully unattended mode, and the driver does not even have to turn the recording mode on or off : the DVR’s operation is completely automated and synchronized with the engine on/off status. Thanks to the loop recording function, the device can record continuously irrespective of the amount of free space available on the memory card. A built-in rechargeable battery enables the DVR to save the last video files properly and stop recording.

G-sensor and CCTV recording in a parked vehicle

Gazer F720 has a G-sensor to ensure that the most important video clips are saved on the memory card at a critical moment. The sensor will detect sharp turns, braking or shocks and automatically protect the currently recorded video file from overwriting. In case of failure to detect any vibrations in the car for 10 minutes, the DVR will automatically switch to the parking mode. When this function is enabled, the device starts recording at a slower frame rate in the Time-Lapse mode, which ensures effective monitoring of the situation around the parked car while also saving space on the memory card. When you start the engine, the G-sensor will detect this and automatically switch back to the normal mode of operation.

Ultra-compact size and discreet installation

Gazer F720 is one of the most compact Wi-Fi DVRs on the market. It comes in a pocketsize enclosure measuring 87х35х43.5 mm and weighing under 75 grams. Even the mount is designed so that the DVR mounted on the windshield would be invisible to strangers. This model does not have the usual mounting bracket that is replaced by a tiny 3M tape mount integrated into the DVR body. However, this does not prevent the user from adjusting the recording angle by rotating the DVR body vertically by 270°. Furthermore, 180° image auto rotate function makes it irrelevant how the device is mounted thus significantly simplifying and speeding up the installation. Once installed, the DVR neither blocks the driver's vision nor draws unwanted attention. This enables the driver to leave the DVR in the car and have no fear for the safety of his/her property.

Snapshots with an RC

One of Gazer F720 key features is ability to take snapshots and upload them automatically to a mobile device. For this purpose, the DVR comes with a tiny remote control that can be fixed with 3M tape in any convenient place inside the car. When you press a button on the remote control, the DVR will take a snapshot that will be instantly saved on your smartphone. Besides, you can use the “Snapshot with a 10-second video clip” function if you select it in the settings menu. In this case, when you press the button on the remote control, the DVR will take a snapshot and a 10-second video clip (5 seconds before the button is pressed and 5 seconds after). The resulting files will be uploaded to your smartphone with a backup on the memory card.

Configuration benefits

Similar to all Gazer DVRs, Gazer F720 has a rich supply package. It contains not only everything you might need for installation and further use but also several useful extras.

Standard supply package includes:
- Gazer 16Gb micro SDHC (Class 10) + Adapter;
- 12-24V car charger with and additional USB port for charging portable electronics;
- compact RC for taking snapshots;
- adhesive 3М tape for RC mounting;
- extra 3M tape strip for DVR mounting;
- USB cable;
- detailed user manual;
- warranty card and a copy of the quality compliance certificate.


Gazer F720

Number of cameras


Camera viewing angle


Maximum video resolution

Full HD (1920x1080)

Recommended video resolution

Full HD (1920x1080)


6-Layer, glass,

with coating

and F1.8 aperture


Sony Exmor 1/2.9"

Camera rotation

Vertical 270° DVR body rotation

Video parameters

H.264, MP4

WDR function


Sound recording


Microphone muting


Analog Video Output (TV out)


mini HDMI video output


Micro USB interface


Built-in display


Memory card support

micro SDНC, up to 32GB

Built-in memory


Memory card included

Yes, 16GB Gazer micro SDHC + adapter

Time and date watermarking


Auto activation on power-up

Yes, in the recording mode

Image auto rotation

Yes, by 180°

Loop video recording


Type of mount

Integrated, 3M adhesive tape

GPS module



Yes, with additional sensitivity settings

Parking mode





Gazer Viewer for OS Android and iOS

Time-Lapse recording

Yes, in parking mode


5 V, PSU 12-24 V

from the car's cigarette lighter socket


Built-in, 250 mAh

Remote control


Dimensions, mm



74 g