Gazer annonced updates release for multimedia systems

Gazer company announced the release of updated software version for Gazer multimedia systems. In new version 1.4.6. engineers have added additional features, fixed bugs of previous software 1.4.3 and introduced a number of improvements to the system in general.

Gazer multimedia system received some changes with updated software version:

- increased device stability;

- fixed USB-drive problems;

- corrected Wi-Fi adapter errors;

- improved simultaneous operation of music applications and navigation software;

- increased Yandeks.Navigator software stability;

- added new features to the Radio app.

Updated software version provides more convenient screen brightness control of Gazer multimedia system. Now change display brightness is possible by long pressing HOME button on the front panel.

In addition, new software includes modern navigation application Navitel, which does not require an Internet connection. It is enough to establish maps on SD-card or download them from Internet when you first start the program, after which application is fully prepared for working in offline mode. This means that you can use Navitel anytime and anywhere without worrying about Internet speed connection or traffic cost. In case if your multimedia has Internet connection you can use all of the additional Navitel online services among which are the most popular - "Navitel.Traffic.", "Navitel.Friends." and others.

Gazer multimedia software automatically updates by wireless OTA technology. This does not require any complicated actions or requesting to the service station. If Gazer multimedia system has Internet connection it will automatically search current updates, and then notify you about available software by giving notification at the top status bar and offering to carry out the installation.

To download updated software manually choose in menu Settings / Device Info / Updates, click on the download icon and follow the prompts. Update download duration depends on number of installed applications and can take 10 minutes or longer. In this case, all user data including information on memory card, applications and Google account will be retained.

In order to avoid failures Gazer engineers strongly recommend not to perform any actions with multimedia system, including press buttons or turn off the power of the device, while the installation process is done. 

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