Gazer company has introduced a new generation of car multimedia systems

Gazer company has announced the release of new and progressive series of car multimedia systems with Android OS. The key difference of innovations is the use of capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 1024x600. This radically changes the standards of production of multimedia systems raising them to a new level.

In the segment of modern smartphones and tablets the capacitive HD-screen has been a familiar element which will surprise nobody. But to this date this touch-panel was not available for use in the car multimedia systems - standard tablet screens are simply not designed for working, for example, at -20 or +40. Gazer became one of the first producers who has started to use in the multimedia systems a capacitive HD screen, and at the moment new generation of Gazer multimedia systems are unique in the market.

In the new generation of Gazer multimedia systems capacitive display is used - the same as in today's tablets and smartphones but only with the operating temperature range of -25 to + 50 ° C. In combination with the high brightness of the screen and the sensor with construction G + G (glass + glass), this display will not only considerably increase the ease of head device control, but it is also less susceptible to scratches and damage.

Gazer multimedia systems of the latest generation got an updated user interface. This is referred to special applications and settings that relate to the interaction with the car. The main interface remains the same: users around the world prefer to get "pure" Android without further improvements and closed skins. In addition, the new version of Gazer head devices has improved performance of Radio and DVD applications, updated module and function Bluetooth, as well as improved sound settings. At the same time new products have all the advantages of previous series of Gazer multimedia systems which are the world's first car head devices with the Android operating system with DSP sound processor, as well as the technology of OTA remote updating.

New products are presented with 2DIN multimedia systems (modified with a DVD drive or without it), as well as devices for standard installation in special models of cars. The new generation of Gazer head multimedia systems is marked as CM2xx-xxx where the number 2 makes it different from the previous line. A new series of Gazer multimedia systems with the capacitive touch screen have already been available on the market.

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