GAZER offers new low-cost recorders for SOHO segment

Gazer Company offers new NS recorders to create an analog video surveillance system within SOHO segment. The new series is represented by Gazer NS104 and Gazer NS108 models featuring stylish design and deemed the most economical devices in their range.

The recorders have light plastic frames, which (coupled with silent performance and small size) will allow installing these devices in small shops, cottages, offices and homes. Gazer NS104 and Gazer NS108 models record at a high resolution 960Н (960x576) and frame rate (100 fps) from 4 or 8 analog video cameras accordingly. A modern H.264 main profile codec is used for video compression. It helps avoid compression artifacts and minimizes quality loss. Video archives are stored on a 4Tb SATA hard drive, while USB drives and network gateway are used for data backup.

Just as all other Gazer recorders, the new models have a modern user friendly interface (managed by the most recent СМС2 software) and can be accessed remotely from a PC, smartphone or tablet. Using remote internet access (IE/Safari), the user can adjust all the recorders’ settings. Gazer offers one of the most powerful feature sets, including the option to record videos directly to your mobile device. So, by purchasing this easy, secure and low-cost recorder, you will get a high-tech device with state-of-the-art features ensuring that your video surveillance system delivers maximum productivity.  


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