Gazer announces a new affordable Full HD DVR

Gazer has announced the release of a new affordably priced Gazer F117 Full HD DVR.  The new device boasts high-quality optics and a new extended menu complemented by perfect usability and easy controls. 

Gazer F117 stands out due to its advanced mounting system that allows supplying power directly through the mounting bracket.  One no longer has to plug in and unplug the charger when attaching or detaching the DVR from the mounting bracket. The mount is rotatable and features a quick release mechanism.  In addition, the developers have managed to preserve Gazer's "calling card"  – ability to install Gazer F117 on any of 2 mounts that come in the package (vacuum mounting cup or 3M adhesive tape).

The new installment in Gazer DVR series uses a six-component glass lens with a wide 140° viewing angle. Thanks to a wide aperture (F2.0), the DVR captures a significant amount of light and noticeably improves the image quality in twilight and at night. The integrated WDR function ensures highly detailed video capture of objects that happened to be over or underexposed during filming.  A combination of the above characteristics allows recording crisp informative videos with excellent color reproduction at any time of the day.

One of Gazer F117 practical peculiarities is that all files recorded as a result of G-sensor tripping are stored on 30% of the total space available on the memory card.  When free space reserved for "accident" files runs out, loop overwriting takes place within these 30%. This prevents the memory card from filling up with "accident" files and thus excludes the possibility of the DVR stopping to operate at a most inappropriate moment. 

The new Gazer F117 DVR is one of few models on the market that in addition to an affordable price also boasts perfect ergonomics and well thought out system of controls. Developers claim that everyday use of the device is so simple and convenient that in time the driver may not want to replace his/her Gazer F117 with a different model, even from the high-end segment.  A practical "hot key" system, extra G-sensor and motion sensor sensitivity settings as well as ability to monitor the operation of all functions using on-screen indicators – all this makes Gazer F117 the best solution in terms of features and usability. 

The model has a sleek compact body with a built-in 2.7" display, backlit keys for  в convenient use in the dark as well as microUSB and HDMI ports. Just as all other Gаzer DVRs, the new device is certified for compliance with international standards and comes bundled with an 8Gb Gazer microSDHC card. Gazer F117 is expected to hit the shelves in August 2015. 


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