Gazer announces a new range of universal rear-view mirrors

Gazer has announced a new range of rear-view mirrors with a built-in monitor. Their design is based on Gazer MMxxx series with the major difference being a modified mounting system. 

New Gazer rear-view mirror is suitable for standard installation in any popular car model.  The mounting procedure could not be simpler and secure fixation of the device will not require any sophisticated manipulations. This is possible thanks to a universal mount that can be used with a special detachable adapter (a reducing plate). Gazer offers various types of such adapters fully compatible with specific car models. It means that nowadays, if you want to install a Gazer rear-view mirror in a particular car, you only need to select a compatible adapter.    

This practical solution makes the rear-view mirror selection process easy and convenient.  More so, that in terms of design and mirror surface quality the device is an exact replica of the manufacturer-supplied rear-view mirror and seamlessly fits into the car interior. 

The new range includes standard rear-view mirrors and those with auto-dimming of the mirror surface: MU500 (without auto-dimming function) and MU700 (with auto-dimming function). It is expected that the new mirror series and detachable reducing plates will be available for purchase as early as February 2015. 

Keep in mind that Gazer rear-view mirrors are designed for displaying video feed from rear-view cameras.  Two composite video inputs allow connecting the mirror to a car DVR, a DVD player or a front-view video camera.  An important peculiarity of Gazer rear-view mirrors is their standard windshield mounting and the fact that they are exact replicas of manufacturer-supplied interior rear-view mirrors – both in terms of design and mirror surface quality.      

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