Gazer presented new range of video surveillance systems based on the AHD and HD-TVI technologies.

Gazer company introduced to the market video surveillance equipment, based on the new generation technologies AHD and HD-TVI. A key advantage of these standards is high resolution 720p/1080p, which is combined with easy PnP installation and low requirements for video transmission channel.

Compare to pure digital technology HD-SDI, equipment based on analog HD standards AHD and HD-TVI has minimal requirements for the quality and specifications of the cable connectors. Just as in the analog standard in AHD / HD-TVI is possible to use as a coaxial cable or UTP (twisted pair), with the active or passive UTP video transceivers. This futures allows to use the same components (cables, connectors) as in analog video surveillance, as well as quickly and efficiently upgrade obsolete video systems without affecting the cabling infrastructure.

New products presented in wide range of video recorders and video cameras for different tasks. Gazer AHD recorders support both analog and AHD cameras in hybrid mode. Thus, this equipment is the ideal solution to upgrade obsolete systems or build new economy class systems with true HD 720p quality. HD-TVI recorders designed to work with HD-TVI and IP video cameras and will be the best solution for building hybrid video surveillance systems with resolution HD 1080p.

New models of AHD and HD-TVI cameras are presented in most popular dome and bullet cases for indoor and outdoor installation. High speed dome camera model based on HD-TVI 1080p module with 20x optical zoom provide zero transmission latency, which can be real advantage compare to IP speed dome in big systems when cameras are controlled in real time by security staff. All AHD and HD-TVI models are available for orders now. Detail specifications of each model will be presented on the official website soon.                





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