Gazer products now available on – one the world’s largest online retailers

A range of Gazer products is now available on – one the world’s largest online retailers. Shopping for Gazer products has never been easier, while Amazon’s global network of fulfillment centers allows making purchases from virtually anywhere in the world. provides its customers with a unique shopping experience thanks to a convenient product search engine, detailed product catalogues and excellent customer support on all stages of the buying process.

By putting our products on, we primarily sought to explore new opportunities of making high-quality Gazer electronics available to everyone.  Amazon’s smart product description, effective customer service and long-standing reputation make it possible to buy Gazer products directly from one’s home or office. As for the buying process itself, it is both simple and gratifying”, an official Gazer spokesperson said.

At present, one can order the following Gazer products from rear-view mirrors, car monitors and mirrors as well as car DVRs. In future, the range of available Gazer products will be constantly expanding


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