Gazer announces a new rear-view video camera mountable instead of the car trunk lid grip

Gazer continues expanding its range of car rear-view video cameras. This time the company presented a camera unit mountable instead of the car trunk lid grip.  The novelty combines all Gazer-specific advantages and does not require any car body modifications for seamless and hassle-free installation.

It is a rear-view video camera integrated into the trunk grip body with the button function preserved.  The grip itself is completely identical to the one supplied by the car manufacturer.  Gazer offers a wide range of modified grips with integrated video cameras for various car models and brands.  

The novelty is designed for mounting instead of the standard grip. To install the device, one does not need to drill holes in the car body, make any modifications or buy extra accessories.  It is enough to remove the manufacturer-supplied grip and replace it with a modified version featuring an integrated Gazer video camera.  This way the user gets a fully functional standard trunk lid grip augmented with a rear-view camera.

Similar to all Gazer car video cameras, the new model stands out among competitors due to its excellent water tightness and superior image quality. Enclosed in a dust and waterproof body, the camera can operate normally even at extreme temperatures.  Its extra-sensitive sensor and premium optics boasting a 170° viewing angle enable the camera to deliver a crisp and high-contrast image even in complete darkness. In addition, the camera’s unique parking assist capabilities allow the driver to calculate the exact distance to obstacles and use the video parking system with maximum efficiency.  

The new video camera series is marketed under the name Gazer СС1ХХ-xxx-T, where “T” indicates the ability to be installed instead of the trunk grip, while “x” points to the camera modification and compatibility with a specific car model or model range. New Gazer cameras will hit the stores any time soon.


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