Gazer's brand new car surround-view systems are already in stores

Gazer proudly presents its latest and greatest universal and standard-mounted surround-view systems that the car electronic market has been long waiting for. The new model is a multipurpose device that can be used as a surround viewer, a car DVR and a video surveillance system in a parked car. In terms of features and design, Gazer's new product has no rivals and can be rightly considered the most functional solutions in the car surround-view systems market.

Rassulka System 360_FB_eng.jpg

Gazer surround-view system consists of 4 tiny video cameras and a special processing unit that merges together video feed from all cameras into a single panoramic image. You can see everything that happens around the car on the monitor in real time and in "plan view" without any blind spots. Video feed from each of the cameras is recorded on a micro SD memory card or a USB stick as a separate video channel in the loop mode. After the engine is turned off, the system automatically records video clips whenever the impact sensor (G-sensor) is tripped, while the on-board power system voltage control function will prevent the car battery from discharging.

Gazer offers both – universal surround-view systems compatible with any car and standard solutions designed for a specific car model or model range. Standard models comprise front and rear-view video cameras installed in standard mounting seats provided for by the manufacturer as well as side-view video cameras completely identical to stock car components and integrated into lower sections of side-view mirrors. The lineup of standard-mounted surround-view systems also includes models that are fully compatible with the car's stock head unit and support Plug&Play/Pin-to-Pin connection. 

Such integrated solution provides full control of the situation around the car and obstacles in "blind" areas significantly increasing safety during reverse driving, parking in a confined space, turning and other maneuvers. Courtesy of Gazer surround-view system's multipurpose operating mode, it can simultaneously replace several devices with road witness and security CCTV functions as a bonus. The new model has already hit the shelves.

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