New firmware update for Gazer F225 DVR released

Gazer has released a firmware update for its 2 channel car DVR – Gazer F225. The new firmware features several major improvements designed to boost the DVR performance. 

Among the most important changes is full compatibility with low capacity memory cards. Considering that Gazer F225 supports high capacity SD cards with up to 128 GB of storage, the firmware update will ensure that the DVR delivers maximum efficiency when operating with 16 GB memory cards as well.

The new firmware is already available for download from Gazer official website. To download the firmware update, go to “Support/Software and Documentation” section and use the provided download link to get the file. 

There are several simple steps one needs to follow to update the DVR firmware:

1. The downloaded firmware will be saved on your PC as an archive file. Unrar (unzip) this file.

2. Format the memory card on your PC and then copy the firmware (the file with .bin extension) to the memory card root directory.

3. Connect the DVR to a power source (car cigarette lighter socket) or make sure that its battery is fully charged. Insert the memory card with the new firmware into the DVR SD card slot. 

4. Turn on the DVR. Once an invitation to update the firmware pops up on the screen, press the button to confirm the update. The firmware update progress will be displayed on the DVR screen.

5. The DVR will reboot automatically after the firmware update is complete. To finalize the firmware update, bring up the menu and reset all settings to factory defaults by selecting a corresponding menu item.

For more detailed information on the new firmware and its installation procedure, please, contact Gazer technical support using the feedback form.       

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