Gazer TV settings updates: virtual fireplace, slideshow and pictures

If you don’t play the TV screen within a certain time period, you can see the background picture on its display - the simplest screen saver mode. We have made massive progress on this issue and expanded the arsenal of static images with 4 different options:

1. Slide show - a visual solution for business spaces and those who waits for guests.

Start by pressing the button on the work table manually or by setting the timer. The image can be shifted one by one or in random order. The user decides what to show. He/she can use a standard set of pictures, or download own photos. The speed of the slides and the brightness are regulated separately.

2. ART MODE - enjoy the pictures of famous artists in full screen mode.

Gazer TV users are provided with a choice of 12 pictures installed by the manufacture. And also with 50 pictures in slide show mode. The display can be read manually or set automatically by the timer. Pictures can be viewed especially efficiently on great IPS-screens in 4K resolution. They will decorate any interior at no extra cost.

3. Video mode - watch the water falling on rocks or relax to the sound of cozy firewood crackle.

There are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling and Gazer TV working.. It seems that when developing this mode, our engineers were guided by this rule.

And if everything was clear with the latter before - thanks to uniform D-LED illumination even long viewing of films does not abuse eyes. Then to implement the rest ones, the manufacturer had to implement two versions of video screensavers: a waterfall and a fireplace.

Not everyone can afford a real fireplace or even its electronic version, but it is possible to recreate the appropriate atmosphere with any of Gazer TVs. Flickering fire is accompanied by cozy firewood crackle. The perfect thing for New Year’s Eve atmosphere.

4.    Clocks - for those who care about time.

There are two display options - digital and arrow. Users can adjust the brightness of the backlight manually, as well as select day or dimmer night display mode. Thus, the screen saver will have an energy-saving function.

The user can experiment with different screensavers independently in the TV settings. Updates are available not only in new devices, but also for previously purchased devices. The main thing is that the firmware of Gazer TV was updated to the latest version.

All these modes are implemented only in 4K TVs, in HD and Full HD models, slide show and fireplace screensaver options are available.

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