Gazer unveils its first ever car DVR with a built-in Wi-Fi module

Manage video recording straight from your smartphone! The new Gazer F720 Wi-Fi DVR is already on sale

Controlling the DVR and watching videos directly on your smartphone – all this is now available in Gazer’s brand new gadget! Marketed as Gazer F720, the new model is an ultra-compact new-generation Full HD car DVR packed with cutting-edge features. The new Gazer F720 is basedon advanced Sony Exmor sensor and is the first Wi-Fi model in Gazer’s DVR lineup.

One can use the device for monitoring video recording in real time, saving video files and sharing them across various social networks with a smartphone. Thanks to a built-in Wi-Fi module, the DVR easily pairs with any Android or iOS device. Video recordings are managed by means of Gazer’s proprietary Gazer Viewer app available for free download from PlayMаркет or AppStore.

Gazer Viewer app features a complete set of tools for DVR customization and video file management. Now you do not have to remove the memory card to copy the required file. On top of that, your smartphone will get several new exciting functions:

  • real-time full-screen monitoring of video recording on your smartphone;
  • watching any previously recorded video clip; convenient file navigation and video archive search;
  • video editing and clipping mode, uploading and streaming video clips to your smartphone;
  • instant publishing of selected photos and videos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook;
  • full remote access to the DVR setting menu.

High-end glass optics with a 6-layer coated lens and a wide F1.8 aperture enables the new Gazer F720 DVR to deliver superb Full HD video quality in any lighting conditions. Such premium features coupled with advanced Sony Exmor sensor and a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology produce highly detailed videos with perfect color reproduction in any time of the day.

F720 has a G-sensor to protect important files from overwriting and a parking mode with Time-Lapse function for CCTV recording in a parked car. Due to its small size, the new DVR can remain completely invisible in the car, while the 180° image auto rotate function allows fixing the device in any position, which makes the installation process a walk in the park. Furthermore, one can press a button on the compact remote control to make a quick photo that will be saved automatically on the smartphone with a backup copy on the memory card.

As usual, the new DVR comes with everything necessary for installation and further use, including a tiny remote control, a car charger with an extra USB port for charging portable electronics, etc. Similar to other Gazer car DVRs, Gazer F720 supply package also contains a copy of the international compliance certificate to ensure that it complies with video recording legality regulations.

Gazer F720 has already hit the shelves.

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