Innovative Gazer CC125/155 car video cameras are about to hit the stores

New generation Gazer car video cameras will soon go on sale.  The newcomers are Gazer CC125 – a multifunctional video camera and Gazer CC155 – a premium class model. No other camera currently available on the market can boast such a rich set of features as these two compact devices.  Based on the latest cutting-edge technologies, the new cameras are bound to become flagship models in the car electronics market.      

Gazer CC125/155 unique advantage is the ability to configure different modes of operation.  Thanks to PAL/NTSC switching function, the video cameras can be easily integrated with any display device. It will come in handy when you need to connect the video camera to a stock US or Japanese head unit or when you are not sure which video standard is supported by your monitor.  

New generation video cameras feature the technologies previously available only in standard control systems of BMW, Range Rower and other high-end cars. Gazer CC125/155 innovative switching unit enables the camera to operate for 10 seconds every time the engine starts and also after the reverse gear is disengaged.  

This is possible due to a special pre-activation and power off delay timer that brings driving safety to a whole new level.  You can now assess the situation around the car not only when the reverse gear is engaged but also after every engine start. Moreover, the power off delay function will ensure the driver’s comfort during complicated parking – the video signal will not be interrupted even in case of frequent gear shifting.    

In addition, the new cameras can operate in both rear view and front view modes thanks to the option to enable or disable the image mirroring function. Gazer CC125/155 also allow the user to turn on and off the proprietary parking assist guide lines. This allows using the video camera with various accessories (e.g., a trajectory rendering unit) as well as when it is easier or more convenient for the driver to perceive information without parking assist guide lines. 

The key feature of Gazer CC155 premium video camera is the use of top tier optics with a glass antireflective lens that fully compensates any geometric distortions in the image. Furthermore, the video camera has the widest possible viewing angle of 175°.

Equipped with ultra-sensitive latest generation CMOS sensors with advanced settings, both new Gazer car cameras deliver impressive performance at night. It means that when other video cameras can only produce a blurry and noisy video signal, Gazer CC125/155 video cameras allow recording high-contrast “blue noise-free” videos at any time of the day and in any weather.

Similar to all other Gazer cameras, the new models have an ultra-hermetic dust and waterproof body (compliant with IP67 standard) ensuring normal operation within extreme temperature range of -30°С to +70°С. New Gazer cameras can be installed in any car thanks to a universal mount. They are also fully compatible with Gazer CA series stock mounts designed for installation instead of the number plate light housing.  


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