Gazer announces the development of a new CC155 car video camera

By early 2015, Gazer will offer car enthusiasts a new groundbreaking device – Gazer CC155 car video camera. This model will revolutionize the way we see the devices of this class: given the amount of features packed in this video camera, it has no rivals in the market today. The new camera features a number of innovations and has the potential to become a top-selling model in the car electronics market in the CIS and worldwide.    

 The novelty’s unique feature is the ability to switch different modes.  Thus, the video camera can switch to PAL or NTSC. Whereas previously the video signal formats of the video camera and the monitor had to be compatible, with the new Gazer video camera this is no longer a problem. Thanks to PAL/NTSC switching function, Gazer CC155 can be easily integrated with any display unit irrespective of the video signal format it supports.  This will spare car enthusiasts of the need to choose compatible equipment: switching the video camera to an appropriate mode will suffice.   

 In addition, Gazer CC155 can serve as both – a rear-view and a front-view video camera. Such versatility is possible thanks to deactivation of the mirroring mode when the video camera is mounted on the front side of the vehicle.  So, essentially, the user gets a “2 in 1” device that can be used effectively irrespective of its place of installation.

 Keeping pace with the latest global trends, the developers have incorporated a number of technological innovations into Gazer CC155. Similar solutions are used in standard control systems of BMW, Range Rower and other premium car brands. Unlike traditional rear-view cameras that turn on when the transmission is shifted to reverse gear, the new Gazer CC155 camera enables the driver to assess the situation behind the car even before its starts moving and constantly monitor the rear view during frequent switching of gears (movement and parking in a confined space). This is possible due to the camera’s ability to turn on for a short period of time when the engine starts and continue operating even when the reverse gear is off.  These functions are available thanks to the innovative switching and control system and can be deactivated if the user does not need them. 

 Gazer CC155 has advanced sensor settings and brand new optics that deliver really impressive results in low light, twilight and complete darkness. Improved night shooting provides a very informative image at night – free of the so-called blue noise and other artifacts. Besides, the new camera has a wider viewing angle, which enables it to capture more information in its field of view.    

 Thanks to cutting-edge technologies developed by Gazer engineering team, CC155 model has a potent competitive advantage – video signal transmission without distortion of objects captured on camera.  Special filters and customizable optical elements offset the geometric distortions specific to wide angle lenses. The results of R&D efforts have made car enthusiasts change the way they see the parking process: due to minimal distortions it has become much easier to accurately estimate the real distance from the vehicle to the nearest obstacles.

 The manufacturer has come up with a practical solution for drivers that prefer using their car video cameras without parking guidance lines: Gazer CC155 supports deactivation of the proprietary graphical marking system. This function also allows using the video camera together with a trajectory mapping unit (preinstalled or provided by a third-party manufacturer).

 Similar to Gazer CC100 (previous generation camera), the new video camera has an ultra-hermetic dust and waterproof body fully compliant with IP67 standard. It is expected that the new generation Gazer car video camera will hit the shelves in early 2015.     


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