New Gazer dual channel DVR – a cutting-edge solution for the most complicated video recording tasks

Gazer proudly presents its new Full HD dual channel DVR – Gazer F225. Combining the functions of a car DVR and an active driving safety system, it is an indispensable solution for special video recording and security tasks that meets the highest requirements in terms of functionality and installation options.

Gazer F225 consists of a central processing unit with 2.7’’ display and 2 Full HD miniature remote cameras (front-view and rear-view) with 160° viewing angles. Video feed from each camera is recorded as a separate channel with the user being able to view each channel separately or enjoy combined video feed from 2 cameras simultaneously. One can use the video / audio output cable that comes in the package for hassle-free connection of the DVR to any external monitor (including the car's head unit).


One of Gazer F225 chief advantages is its various installation options with practical solutions for heavy-duty vehicles. Remote cameras are mounted with 3M adhesive tape on the windshield and the rear window or any other parts of the car interior, while the length of connection cables (3 and 6 meters) allows installing the device as quickly and easily as possible without any additional tweaks. The supply package also includes a remote control button mounted with 3M adhesive tape in any place convenient for the driver. Thanks to a special light indicator, the button enables the driver to control the DVR operation and perform a number of simple tasks (e.g., enable current video clip overwriting protection, etc.). This solution allows installing the DVR's central unit as inconspicuously as possible by concealing it under the dashboard or in the glove box since it is hardly ever used for day-to-day applications.  

Recording quality and rich functionality are also among the new DVR's numerous strong points. Premium optics boasting a large F2.0 aperture and 1/2.8’’ sensor produce highly detailed videos even in low light. WDR technology automatically corrects the exposure when the surrounding environment is too dark or too light. Gazer F225 functions include a built-in G sensor, intelligent LDWS, FCWS, and DEWARP systems, "Anti-sleep" function, parking recording mode, etc. With the optional GPS receiver connected, the DVR can show the car's location coordinates and its current speed. The popular Speedcam proximity alert function (POI, speed cameras, radar guns, dangerous road sections, etc.) will also be available. The latest Speedcam database is already integrated into the DVR's stock firmware with an option to upload a custom (alternative) database of important points.

Gazer F225 supports micro SDXC memory cards of up to 128 GB, which allows storing a large amount of video files. Similar to all other Gazer DVRs, Gazer F225 comes with everything necessary for its connection and use and is fully compliant with international standards. The new model is already available in stores.


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