Gazer's brand new blind spot monitoring system hits the shelves

Gazer has officially launched its latest solution for the car electronic market Gazer BA400 universal blind spot monitoring system. The newcomer is an active hardware system for easy monitoring of blind spots around the car that promptly alerts the driver about potential danger whenever he/she makes a turn or changes lanes. Among Gazer BA400 key advantages are ultrasonic sensors with up to 3-meter operating radius, an intelligent signal-processing algorithm and a user-friendly alerting system.

Blind Assist System

Gazer BA400 blind spot monitor includes 4 special sensors, a central processing unit, 2 miniature LED indicators and a compact multifunctional display. When a dangerous object is detected, the system uses sound alerts, on-screen graphical alerts (indicating the distance from the car to the nearest obstacle),  and signals from 2 LED lights mounted on external rear view mirrors or inside the vehicle to warn the driver about the potential danger. The design of the alerting system allows for instant assessment of the danger level without diverting the driver’s attention from the road.

An effective false alarm protection is the new model's critical advantage. An intelligent algorithm is used to process signals coming from sensors. This way the system "knows" what kind of obstacle is currently in the blind spot.  As a result, Gazer BA400 ignores objects that do not represent any potential collision danger, e.g., road trains, guard rails, vehicles driving in parallel traffic, etc. Such operating principle allows alerting the driver about a real danger fully excluding any false alarms.

All Gazer BA400 components are ultra compact. Therefore, once installed, the blind spot monitoring system does not affect the car interior and exterior ergonomics and is absolutely invisible for other people and for the driver.  The system's high precision makes sure that the driver fully controls all obstacles in blind spots that cannot be seen in side-view mirrors. The elaborate alerting system causes little or no fatigue and keeps the driver completely focused on the road.    

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