In-dash multimedia interfaces Gazer

Gazer in-dash multimedia interface

Gazer ventures into a new segment of the car electronic market by introducing a new lineup of multimedia interfaces that dramatically expand the functionality of the stock head unit installed in the car converting it into a full-fledged Android or Windows-based multimedia system with GPS navigation, Internet access, and support of various additional video and audio sources.

This way you get an upmarket multimedia system with a rich feature set and significantly enhanced capabilities. The key advantage of Gazer multimedia interface is that you can install it in your car while keeping the stock head unit fully operational.

The stock multimedia system developed by the manufacturer is completely adapted to your vehicle and communicates with it via CAN bus. Besides, not only does it operate as a multimedia device but is also an integral part of the car's electronic system. As a rule, the stock multimedia system is used for parking assistance, vehicle status display and even controls some of the car's functions.

Gazer interface uses the car's stock head unit as a screen and an audio amplifier thereby acting as a powerful computing device, a GPS navigator and a video signal converter. Importantly, the car's stock display and audio system remain intact, while all the functions of the stock head unit operate in their default mode, including radio, Bluetooth, SD and USB ports, as well as car controls and settings menu.

At the moment, Gazer offers four versions of its multimedia interfaces designed for different tasks and providing varying degree of augmentation to stock head units. Gazer VC500 – the most basic model in the lineup – allows connecting additional video sources, such as a rear view camera, a front view camera, or a surround view system to the car's stock head unit. Gazer VC700 supports not only extra video sources but audio sources as well (e.g., a TV tuner). As for the premium Gazer VI700A and Gazer VI700W models, they add maximum functionality to the stock head unit converting it into a full-fledged multimedia center running on OS Android 4.4 KitKat (Gazer VI700A) or Windows CE 6.0 (Gazer VI700W).

It takes only one press of a button to switch from the stock head unit to Gazer multimedia interface. Furthermore, in addition to multimedia functions and GPS navigation, the driver also gets some extra safety options – ability to connect front and rear view cameras or a surround view system, an intelligent parking assist system with parking guide lines projected on the video feed from the available cameras, and support of additional audio and video sources such as a T2 TV receiver or a DVR, an external DVD or media player, a karaoke system or a game console.

Gazer offers a wide selection of multimedia interfaces compatible with various car brands, including: Audi, Bentley, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Maserati, Jaguar, Porsche, Toyota, etc. There is a unique solution for each car model that can be fully integrated into the stock multimedia system. On top of that, Gazer video interface supports Plug&Play (jack-to-jack) connection and installation making it unnecessary to modify the vehicle's stock wiring.

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