Firmware update for dash cams with Wi-Fi

Gazer has released a firmware update for Wi-Fi-enabled dash cams. The new firmware for Gazer F735g and Gazer F720 can be downloaded from Software and Documentation section at

What's new in Gazer F720 firmware?
1. Added support for F735 connection
2. Added voice prompts
3. Revised rules for switching to TimeLapse. It now takes 15 minutes instead of 10
4. Revised auto-rotate feature activated on exit from Time-Lapse
5. Extended duration of video clips captured when the remote button is pressed (10sec/20sec/30sec now instead of 10 sec before)

What's new in Gazer F735g firmware?
1. Pairing with F720 model is now available
2. Fixed issues with sharing video clips across various social networks

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