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Compatible with Peugeot: 3008, 4008 (2009+) with the installed Citroen / Peugeot.

Gazer VC700-PEUG video interface is a device that allows connecting video and audio sources such as a rear view camera, a front view camera, a surround view system, a T2 TV tuner, as well as other audio and video equipment to the stock Citroen/Peugeot head unit of Peugeot: 3008, 4008 vehicles. With Gazer VС700-PEUG video interface installed, your Peugeot will get all these extra options, while the car's stock Citroen/Peugeot multimedia system will remain intact and fully operational.

2x Audio/
Video IN
Camera IN

Features and advantages

The key advantage of Gazer VC700-PEUG video interface is that it allows connecting additional video sources to your Peugeot's Citroen/Peugeot head unit. As a rule, the stock multimedia system does not allow connecting third-party audio and video systems such as a rear view camera, a front view camera, or a surround view system. In some cases, the stock head unit does not even have input jacks required for connection of auxiliary equipment. However, it does have a display and a sound amplifier, which makes it reasonable to use the stock Citroen/Peugeot multimedia system for video and audio output. One can use Gazer VC700-PEUG video interface to transmit analogue video and audio signals to the stock multimedia system streaming video to Peugeot's stock display and audio – to its built-in sound system.

When installing Gazer VC700-PEUG video interface, the driver gets some extra safety assistants – ability to connect a rear view camera, a front view camera, a surround view system, and a parking assist system capable of showing guidelines drawn by the stock parking sensor on the video from the cameras. Two extra audio-video inputs allow connecting a DVR or an entertainment system such as a digital T2 TV receiver, an external DVD, or a media player as well as a game console or a karaoke machine to your car's stock Citroen/Peugeot multimedia system.

Installation and controls

Gazer VC700-PEUG multimedia interface supports Plug&Play (Pin-to-Pin) installation and connection without damaging the vehicle's stock wiring. One must install the video interface behind Citroen/Peugeot display and use the stock cable to connect it to the multimedia system and CAN bus. Once the interface is enabled, the multimedia system changes its operating mode and your Peugeot's stock display starts showing video feed from Gazer video interface.

The interface can also be connected to the audio system using the stock AUX input. Alternatively, you can use an external speaker included into the standard supply package.

You can enable Gazer VC700-PEUG multimedia interface and switch between audio and video sources using the vehicle's stock button (NAVI, TEL, Voice) or the additional external button included in the supply package in case your Peugeot does not have a stock navigation control button. The rear or surround view camera mode is enabled automatically each time the car shifts into reverse gear.

Connecting cameras, surround view system, and parking assistant

Gazer VC700-PEUG video interface allows connecting and using such important security systems as a rear view camera, a surround view system, and a parking assistant.

If your Peugeot does not have OEM parking sensors, you can install Gazer parking assistant, and VC700-PEUG multimedia interface will display the information from it just as it would from the factory-installed parktronic system.

Gazer surround view system will ensure maximum safety when parking and maneuvering in a confined space by showing what happens around your car in the "top-down perspective" without any blind spots and time lag. For example, such driving tasks as parking near high street curbs, crossing a narrow bridge, or maneuvering among short polls or flowerbeds will become perfectly easy and safe posing no danger for pedestrians and your Peugeot. This system can also act as a DVR and a CCTV system by recording not only when the car is on the move but when it is parked as well. A signal from the G-sensor triggers the recording.

Connecting additional audio and video sources

Gazer VC700-PEUG multimedia interface allows connecting two additional audio-video sources to Peugeot's Citroen/Peugeot multimedia system. You can connect a digital TV tuner, a DVR, and an external DVD or a media player, as well as such entertainment systems as a game console or a karaoke machine. Video and sound will be transmitted via Peugeot's stock multimedia system integrating the additional equipment as a new option for your vehicle.


Type of connection

Plug&Play (LVDS)


Optional touch panel


Original speakers / AUX / External speaker







Video switch*

OEM button / External button



Rear camera connection


Front camera connection




* Depends on car model