Gazer CC1200-FUN2
119 USD

Gazer CC1200-FUN2

Featuring innovative combined view technology, Gazer СС1200-FUN2 front view video camera will ensure safe pulling into “blind” road intersections when the visibility of the traffic approaching from the left and right sides of the car is restricted. The model provides video feed from two separate sides of the front side of the vehicle generating a single image – a 75-degree right and left side view. The device comes in an ultra-tight IP67-certified body and is designed for installation in any car.  

Safe pulling out of “blind” intersections

Every day each driver faces the problem of pulling into a “blind” intersection when the visibility of the traffic approaching from the left and right sides of the car is restricted due to adjacent buildings, trees and other objects. To control the situation on such sections of the road, a driver must slowly drive forward, which still does not guarantee complete safety of the maneuver. Standard rear view video cameras cannot solve this problem since they are unable to ensure the visibility of the incoming sideway traffic. The innovative combined view technology employed in Gazer СС1200-FUN2 video camera offers complete control of the situation in case one needs to pull “blindly” out of a parking lot, archway, adjacent road or intersection.

Combined side view

Mounted on the front side of the car, Gazer СС1200-FUN2 front view camera is a very compact device featuring a special wide angle lens. Image is transmitted from both sides of the car as two separate video streams combined into a single image. The monitor displays video feed consisting of two images - simultaneous right and left side views each covering 75 degrees. This way, when pulling into “blind” intersections, the driver can count on a clear 150-degree view of any traffic and pedestrians approaching from both sides of the car, which would previously be impossible unless the car actually moved forward. Such combined view technology provides far better safety and smoother driving experience for all road users.

Ultra-tight IP67-certified body

The video camera has a compact ultra-tight IP67-certified body that prevents dust and moisture from getting inside the device. The device operates in a wide temperature range from -30°С to +70°С. A combination of these features ensures the camera’s failure-free operation in the most extreme conditions: bad weather, dirt, dust and regular high-pressure washing.

Universal installation in any car

Gazer СС1200-FUN2 is designed for mounting in the front of any car using a universal metal mount (comes in the package). The special design of the mount allows adjusting the camera’s tilt angle during and after installation, which takes little or no time and effort. The camera generates NTSC image and can be connected to any monitor and other display device via a standard RCA jack.

Plug&Play ready

Gazer СС1200-FUN2 supply package contains everything needed for mounting, connection and further use of the video camera. The standard configuration includes a universal metal mount with adjustable tilt angle, a power cable, and a video cable with RCA plug for connection to a display device. Thus, the video camera supply package provides all the necessary components and inputs so that the user didn't have to buy any accessories or make any modifications.


Gazer СС1200-FUN2


Front view camera providing video feed from the left and right sides of the car


CMOS 1/3"


500 TVL (720x480)

Video signal format


Viewing angle

150º (75 º for each side)

Current consumption

85 Ма

Protection level



0.1 Lux

Signal/noise ratio

› 46dB

Video output

1 x CVBS (RCA)

Supply voltage

DC 12V

Operating temperature

-30°- +70°