Gazer CC125
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Gazer CC125

Gazer CC125 car video camera is the latest installment in Gazer camera series combining versatility with advanced technologies. The video signal format is NTSC. The option to disable parking guide lines and image mirroring allows using the camera for both – rear and front view. The camera 10s switch on timer activated when the engine starts and 10s switch off delay activated when the reverse gear is disengaged. And of course, Gazer's calling card – top-notch image quality, particularly in bad weather and in almost complete darkness

Front and rear-view modes

Gazer CC125 can be installed in a car not only as a rear-view camera but also as a front-view camera. Such versatility is possible due to the option to disable video signal mirroring by disconnecting one of the camera's three functional cables. As a result, when installed in the rear section of the car, the video camera transmits a mirrored image (default setting), which allows the driver to monitor the situation behind the car just as comfortably as in a regular rear-view mirror. To install the camera on the front side of the car, one only needs to disable the image mirroring function.

There is also an option to disable the parking guide lines. Thus, the driver can use Gazer CC125 with various trajectory mapping units, including the standard mapping unit supplied by the manufacturer. Moreover, the option to disable the parking guide lines will become a perfect solution for drivers that prefer parking without parking guide lines.

Timer operating modes

By implementing timer operating modes, Gazer CC125 car video camera sets a new trend in car parking systems. Similar functions are only available in standard video systems of premium cars and greatly enhance the overall effectiveness of the video parking system. Operating modes are activated by means of an innovative switching and control system consisting of camera turn off delay and preactivation timers. The user can disable these operating modes or enable them selectively.

It is commonly known that a regular rear-view video camera turns on and off simultaneously with the reverse gear engagement/disengagement. New generation Gazer CC125 video camera can stream video to the monitor even when the reverse gear is disengaged (for 10 seconds). At the core of this function lies a special operation extension timer that allows continuous monitoring the situation behind the car, particularly when the driver makes a U-turn in several moves or when the parking conditions are complicated.

The preactivation timer is supposed to turn the video camera on for 10 seconds each time the car engine starts (АСС mode is engaged). This allows assessing the situation behind the car not only when it shifts to reverse but immediately before it starts moving (each time the engine starts). This function not only makes daily use of the video parking system practical and convenient but also helps you drive safer.

Impressive lowlight performance

A state-of-the-art HD CMOS sensor coupled with advanced sensitivity and chroma level adjustment settings ensure the video camera's impressive performance in any lighting conditions. In twilight hours and at night when other rear-view video cameras stream poor quality video, Gazer CC125 "sees" better than human eyes. Compared to video equipment of other manufacturers, Gazer video cameras deliver crisper and higher contrast image free from "blue noise" and other artifacts that affect videos recorded in almost complete darkness.

Ultra-tight IP67-certified body

Gazer СС125 car camera has an ultra-tight body, operates in a wide temperature range from -30 to +70°С and features excellent dust and moisture protection compliant with IP67 standard. It means that the video camera will deliver stable performance even in the most extreme conditions: scorching heat or subzero temperatures , dirt, dust and high-pressure washing.

Plug&Play ready

Gazer СС125 rear-view video camera comes with an innovative switching and control unit that activates and deactivates timer operating modes. As a rule, a switching and control unit allows for a quick and simple plug&play connection of the video camera and the video parking system. Moreover, the switching unit design has been thought through to perfection so that the car owner didn't have to make any tweaks or buy an accessories. The video camera is ready for connection and operation out of the box, whereas the user saves precious time and money.

The unit's important advantage is the power connection method: the camera is powered not from the backup lights but from the car's fuse panel. Backup lights only transmit an actuating signal that tells the fuse panel relay to supply power to the video camera and display device. This solution allows avoiding artifacts in the image that often appear when the camera is powered directly from the car's backup lights. This type of Gazer CC125 connection helps avoid errors during power mains integrity check by the onboard computer.

Moreover, to further improve image quality and minimize artifacts, the switching and control unit has an LC filter that stabilizes power supplied to the video camera and the monitor. A resettable fuse is used as a safety element.

Compatible with any car

Gazer CC125 car video camera allows deploying a video parking system in any vehicle. To ensure "painless" video camera installation that does not damage the car body and takes minimum time and effort, Gazer offers a practical solution: special mounts for video camera integration and mounting in a standard location. Gazer range includes various types of mounts: standard mounts shaped as a car trunk lid grip as well as those shaped as a number plate light housing.

Each Gazer mount is designed for installation in a specific car model or model range and is completely identical to the corresponding car component supplied by the manufacturer. What is more important, Gazer has not only made the mounts look like original components but preserved all their functional peculiarities. The mount shaped as a car trunk lid grip with an integrated video camera preserves the button function when installed instead of the original lid grip. Mounts shaped as a number plate light housing and designed for video camera installation instead of the manufacturer supplied housing keep the original number plate lights intact*.

It is easy to integrate Gazer CC125 video camera with any mount type. Having selected a Gazer CAxxx series mount compatible with the car, the car owner only has to attach it to the video camera (no advanced mounting skills are required). Once this step is complete, the camera is ready to be installed in the car. Each СА series mount delivery package has everything needed for attaching the mount to a Gazer video camera and installing it in a car as a ready-made solution.

To install the video camera in the front section of the car without integrating it into the body, as well as for owners of exclusive car models, Gazer has also included a universal mount with adjustable camera tilt angle into the standard delivery package. This mount allows installing Gazer CC125 video camera in any part of the car irrespective of the model.

*In cases when it is technically impossible to keep the original lighting, an LED light with the color temperature of 2700К is used. It makes the resulting number plate light color virtually indiscernible from the original.


Gazer CC125


HD CMOS 1/4"


NTSC: 500 TVL (720x480).

Video signal format


Viewing angle


Camera current consumption


Protection Level


Parking guidance lines

Yes, can be switched off.

Mirror Image

Yes, can be switched off.

Backlight Type



0.1 Lux

Signal/noise ratio

› 46 dB

Supply voltage

DC 12V

Operating temperature



Compatibility with Gazer CAxxx series mounts.

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