Gazer CC155
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Gazer CC155

Gazer CC155 car video camera is an innovative Gazer product destined to become a high-end solution on the car electronics market. A unique distortion compensating lens coupled with an extra wide viewing angle of 175°. A state-of-the-art sensor with special settings ensures that recorded videos are informative even when shot in complete darkness. A timer relay allows switching the camera on for 10 s each time the engine starts and extend its operation by 10 s after the reverse gear is disengaged. Switching between PAL/NTSC, disabling parking guide lines and image mirroring.

Distortion-free image

Gazer CC155 boasts high quality optics with an extra wide viewing angle of 175°. Therefore, the camera captures maximum amount of information in its field of view. Besides, this camera model is absolutely free from geometric distortions typical of wide angle lenses. Video signal transmission without any "barrel effect" has become possible thanks to cutting-edge technologies developed by Gazer engineers. The video camera features special optics with an anti-reflective glass lens that compensates geometric distortions. The resulting product will enable car owners to look at the parking process in a new light. With distortions reduced to a minimum, estimating the real distance from the car to an obstacle has become easier than never before.

Switching between PAL and NTSC formats

One of Gazer CC155 unique features is the ability to switch between PAL and NTSC video formats. Thanks to this technology, Gazer CC155 easily integrates with any display unit irrespective of the video standard it supports. To change the operating mode, one only needs to disconnect one of the camera's three functional cables. This function will be particularly useful when you do not know for sure which video format your monitor or head unit supports as well as when connecting a rear-view camera to standard American or Japanese head units that usually support only NTSC standard.

Front and rear-view modes

Gazer CC155 can serve as both – a rear-view and a front-view camera. When used for rear-viewing, the camera produces a mirrored video stream (default setting). This enables the driver to assess the road situation using the video feed from the camera as if he/she were looking in the rear-view mirror. One of Gazer CC155 distinctive features is the ability to disable the mirroring function (by disconnecting one of the camera's three functional cables). This allows mounting the camera on the front side of the vehicle and using it for front viewing.

Proprietary parking assist guide lines

To ensure that the situation behind the car is easily and effectively monitored, the video streamed from the video camera has a parking assist overlay. Special graphical elements of this overlay are rendered in a way that enables the driver to see all the nearby obstacles and the distance separating them from the car. The video camera also allows disabling these proprietary parking guide lines. This makes it possible to use the video camera with any trajectory mapping unit or when it is easier and more convenient for the driver to park without parking guide lines.

Timer operating modes

Gazer sets a new trend in video parking systems for cars by implementing the timer operating mode technology. Similar technologies are currently used in standard video systems of premium cars. These functions are integrated into the innovative switching and control system in the form of the video camera preactivation timer and deactivation delay timer. The user can enable these operating modes selectively or disable them completely.

The preactivation timer is supposed to turn the video camera on for 10 seconds each time the car engine starts (АСС mode is engaged). This allows assessing the situation behind the car not only when you shift to reverse but immediately before starting the car. This function not only makes daily use of the video parking system practical and convenient but also helps you drive safer.

Besides, unlike traditional rear-view cameras that turn on and off in sync with the reverse gear, the new generation Gazer CC155 camera has a deactivation delay timer. Thanks to this function, the video stream from the camera will be displayed on the monitor for 10 seconds after the reverse gear is disengaged. This will ensure that the driver is always aware of the situation behind the car during frequent shifting of gears and in case of complicated parking "in several moves".

Impressive lowlight performance

Gazer CC155 parking video camera is based on an extra-sensitive latest generation CMOS sensor with advanced settings. This helps achieve impressive performance in poor visibility conditions, in twilight hours and in almost complete darkness. Thus, where other video cameras produce blurry and uninformative videos suffering from significant amount of noise, Gazer CC155 car video camera ensures crisp high contrast and noise-free video at any time of the day and in any weather. In other words, Gazer CC155 car video camera "sees" better at night than a human eye.

Ultra-tight IP67-certified body

Gazer СС155 has an ultra-tight dust and waterproof body compliant with IP67 standard as well as a wide operating temperature range from -30 to +70°С. It means that the camera is specifically designed for stable operation in various conditions: extreme temperatures, dirt, dust and high-pressure washing.

Plug&Play ready

The camera comes bundled with an innovative switching and control unit that stands out among similar solutions due to its timer operating modes. As a rule, a switching and control unit enables fast plug&play connection to various display devices. The switching unit has optimal cable length and all the necessary components and inputs so that the user didn't have to buy any accessories or make any modifications.

The unit's important advantage is the power connection method: the camera is powered not from the backup lights but from the car's fuse panel. Backup lights only transmit an actuating signal that tells the fuse panel relay to supply power to the video camera and display device. This type of connection helps avoid errors during power mains integrity check by the onboard computer. Furthermore, this method ensures video signal stability and absence of artifacts that may appear when the camera is powered directly from the car's backup lights. In addition, to improve image quality and minimize artifacts, the switching and control unit has an LC filter that stabilizes power supplied to the video camera and display device. A resettable fuse is used as a safety element.

Compatible with any car

Gazer CC155 car camera is designed for deploying a video parking system in any type of vehicle. For the video camera to fit "seamlessly" in a car without any tweaks and damage to the car body, Gazer has come up with a perfect solution – to integrate the device into special mounts designed for installation in a specific place in the car. Gazer offers a huge selection of such mounts, including models shaped as a number plate light housing and trunk lid grip as well as models designed for standard installation in the car. Each mount is compatible with a specific car model or model range and looks exactly the same as the original car component.

The mount shaped as a number plate light housing with an integrated video camera is designed for installation instead of the original housing, while the mount shaped as a trunk lid grip easily replaces the standard grip. What is more important, Gazer has not only made the mounts look like original components but preserved all their functional peculiarities. For example, the original number plate light* is used to install a Gazer housing with an integrated video camera, while the trunk lid grip retains its button function after the video camera is installed.

One can easily integrate Gazer CC155 camera into any mount. The car owner just needs to choose the appropriate Gazer CAxxx series mount compatible with his/her car and attach the video camera to this mount. СА series mount delivery package has everything needed for attaching the mount to a Gazer video camera and installing it in a car as a ready-made solution. In addition, the standard Gazer CC155 delivery package includes a universal mount with adjustable camera tilt angle. One can use it to install the device in the rear or front side of any car.

*In cases when it is technically impossible to keep the original lighting, an LED light with the color temperature of 2700К is used. It makes the resulting number plate light color virtually indiscernible from the original.


Gazer CC155


CMOS 1/4"


PAL: 540 TVL (720х576);

NTSC: 500 TVL (720x480).

Video signal format


Viewing angle


Camera current consumption


Protection Level


Parking guidance lines

Yes, can be switched off.

Mirror Image

Yes, can be switched off.

Backlight Type



0.1 Lux

Signal/noise ratio

› 46 dB

Supply voltage

DC 12V

Operating temperature



Compatibility with Gazer CAxxx series mounts.

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