Gazer CC4500-MBS
250 USD

Gazer CC4500-MBS

Gazer CC4500-MBS two camera kit has been developed specifically for Mercedes Sprinter (W906) MFD since 2006 but is also suitable for other large vehicles. The cameras are mounted instead of turn signal repeaters. When the turn sign is on, this two camera kit provides a clear 170° view of the traffic situation as well as blind spots to the right and to the left of the vehicle. Moreover, the professional CCD sensor will ensure that you get perfect video quality even in complete darkness, while the proprietary parking guide lines will make it easy to assess the distance to obstacles.

Key advantages:
  • Standard installation in Mercedes Sprinter (W906), MFD since 2006;
  • Universal compatibility with other vehicles;
  • Mounted instead of turn signal repeaters;
  • Complete 170° view of blind spots to the right and to the left of the vehicle;
  • Camera autostart when the turn signal is on;
  • Professional CCD sensor;
  • Plug&Play ready.
Standard installation in Mercedes Sprinter

Gazer CC4500-MBS video cameras have been developed specifically for Mercedes Sprinter (W906) MFD since 2006 and are designed for installation into the vehicle’s standard mounting seats provided by the manufacturer. Each camera comes in a rugged housing shaped exactly as a turn signal repeater and mounted into the stock mounting seat instead of the OEM component. When the turn signal is on, the image from the corresponding camera (right or left) is automatically displayed on the vehicle's head unit screen. This solution is an ideal choice for Mercedes Sprinter as it ensures complete visibility of all blind spots during driving and maneuvering.

Universal compatibility with your car

Mounted instead of turn signal repeaters, Gazer CC4500-MBS video cameras are the best choice for large vehicles where standard solutions cannot provide proper visibility. Gazer CC4500-MBS side view cameras have been developed specifically for large commercial vehicles, while their mounting method allows installing them in any car. To view live video feed from the camera, one can connect it to any monitor or head unit with a standard RCA jack.

Superb image with CCD sensor

The crucial advantage of Gazer CC4500-MBS two camera kit is the use of high quality optics based on the cutting-edge CD 1/3”sensor (720x576). Due to high light sensitivity and contrast as well as minimal noise, CCD sensors are successfully used in professional video surveillance systems. Impressive low-light performance has made CCD sensors an ideal choice for car video cameras. The driver gets amazing video signal quality even in complete darkness, which guarantees full control of the situation in any time of the day.

170° view with proprietary on-screen guide lines

Each video camera has a wide-angle 170° lens, which provides maximum view of the situation around the vehicle. To accurately reproduce the roundness of objects in the video, the proprietary on-screen guide lines imitate all geometric distortions. This allows for easy calculation of real distances to objects to achieve maximum safety of the maneuver. Cameras transmit a mirrored image thus ensuring comfortable perception of the video feed displayed on the monitor as if the driver were looking in a regular side view mirror.

Ultra-tight IP67-certified housing

Mountable instead of turn sign repeaters, car video cameras for Mercedes Sprinter (W906) MFD since 2006 come in durable ultra-tight IP67-certified housings that are exact replicas of OEM side marker lamps. Each camera can operate in a wide temperature range from 30°С to +70°С. A combination of these properties makes the devices extremely reliable and durable when used in the most extreme environments, including dust, dirt, and numerous high-pressure washings.

Plug&Play ready

Video cameras for Mercedes Sprinter (W906) vehicles come with everything necessary for quick and easy installation and simple Plug&Play connection. Gazer CC4500-MBS supply package includes a power cable and a special extension cord for connection to a display device. This way the vehicle owner does not have to make any modifications or buy anything extra, since the two camera kit is fully ready for mounting and further use.


Gazer CC4500-MBS


A two camera kit mountable instead of the car’s turn signal repeaters


CCD 1/3"


540 TVL (720x576)

Video signal format


Viewing angle


Parking guide lines


Image mirroring


Current consumption

85 Ма

Protection level



0.1 Lux

Signal/noise ratio

› 46dB

Video output

1 x CVBS (RCA)

Supply voltage

DC 12V

Operating temperature

-30°- +70°