Gazer ACG225
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Gazer ACG225

Gazer ACG225 ultra-compact GPS module is designed for connection to a dual channel Gazer F225 DVR. By connecting this accessory, one can significantly expand the DVR functionality: video records will show the vehicle's current speed and location as well as date and time of recording; Speedcam alert function will also be available. 

Key advantages:
  • GPS coordinates watermarking
  • Original Gazer Player software
  • Vehicle speed watermarks
  • Date and time satellite synchronization
  • Speedcam alert function
  • Built-in speaker for voice prompts
  • Ultra-compact design and inconspicuous installation
Operating principle

Gazer ACG225 portable GPS module is designed specifically for connection to a dual channel Gazer F225 DVR. The module uses a built-in GPS antenna to receive satellite signals and then transmits the acquired data via a USB cable to the DVR's central processing unit where they are processed by a powerful processor. By connecting this accessory, one can significantly expand the DVR functionality: video records will show the vehicle's current speed and location as well as accurate date and time of recording.

Satellite data synchronization

All information in Gazer ACG225 GPS module is synchronized with satellite data and updated automatically. It means that wherever you go your DVR will always display the most accurate date and time. Furthermore, when you view the recorded videos on your PC, the geographical coordinates watermarking function and original Gazer Player software make it possible to see the exact location, speed and trajectory of the vehicle on the map.

Speedcam proximity alert function

With the optional Gazer ACG225 GPS module connected, Gazer F225 DVR acquires the Speedcam proximity alert function. Speedcam object database contains coordinates of various objects, events and important points on the route: location of speed cameras, stationary and portable radar guns, speed limit signs, speed bumps, pedestrian crossings, traffic police checkpoints, dangerous road sections and other important places and events.

Whenever the vehicle approaches such points, the DVR will automatically activate the alerting system: graphical messages will be displayed on the monitor along with voice prompts from the speaker built into the GPS module. When the distance to the object is 500 meters or less, the information about its type and the distance left will be shown on the video with the same information delivered by means of voice prompts. In addition, the DVR screen will constantly show the vehicle's current speed and the speed limit on a specific road section.

Moreover, you will always be able to type in the coordinates of your own important points on the route by creating your personal (alternative) database. For detailed instructions and recommendations regarding the alternative database creation and installation, please, refer to Gazer F225 DVR user manual or "Information" section at

Easy and inconspicuous installation

Gazer ACG225 GPS receiver has a neat ultra-compact body made of black matte plastic. Its dimensions are only 63х32х10 mm and it weighs a little over 30 grams. The module is attached to any suitable surface with 3M adhesive tape. Miniature size, matte coating and absence of any light indicators on the body allow installing the module inside the vehicle as inconspicuously as possible.

The GPS module is connected to the DVR via a micro USB port. The supply package includes a special splitter cable that allows simultaneously connecting two devices to the micro USB port: the GPS module and an additional device, e.g. a remote control button (comes with the DVR).

Built-in speaker and ease of use

Another important feature of Gazer ACG225 GPS module is its built-in speaker with adjustable volume that can be disabled in the DVR menu. Speedcam voice prompts are issued by the module itself, while its miniature size makes it possible to mount the device at any spot convenient for the driver. This allows you to place the DVR (to which the module is connected) as far away from prying eyes as possible, e.g. hide it in the glove box. All this makes Gazer F225 dual channel DVR coupled with Gazer ACG225 GPS module a full-fledged security system that neither blocks the driver's vision nor draws unwanted attention.


Gazer ACG225

Type of device

GPS module for Gazer F225 DVR


Micro USB

Power source

DVR connection

Date and time watermarks


Current speed watermarks


GPS coordinates


Speedcam alert function


Built-in speaker


Spoken voice prompts


Supported software

Gazer Player

Mounting method

3M tape

Dimensions, mm


Weight, g


Package contents

Micro USB cable, micro USB splitter, 3M adhesive pad