Gazer F150
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Gazer F150

Gazer F150 is a Super HD model that combines cutting-edge safety technologies with new-generation video recording quality. Designed in the shape of a rain sensor, the DVR clearly stands out among its peers. On top of that, it has two SD memory card slots and draws power directly through the mounting bracket. Gazer F150 rich feature set includes intelligent LDWS and FCWS systems, “Anti-sleep” alarm, a built-in G-sensor and a trendy Time-Lapse recording function.

Key advantages:
  • Super HD (2304x1296) video recording
  • Six-layer glass lens
  • Large F2.0 aperture
  • WDR function
  • G-sensor with adjustable sensitivity
  • Intelligent LDWS and FCWS systems
  • "Anti-sleep" function
  • Rain sensor-shaped body
  • Mount with power supply function
  • 2 SD memory card slots
New generation Super HD video recording

Gazer F150 DVR records in Super HD resolution (2304x1296) delivering new-generation video recording quality previously unattainable in mainstream Full HD devices. Super HD resolution coupled with six-layer glass optics and a large F2.0 aperture allows recording crisp and high-contrast videos exhibiting extremely high level of detail and license plate discernibility even at high speeds, in cloudy weather and in low-light situations.

Thanks to a 140° wide-angle lens, Gazer F150 captures everything happening in front of the vehicle. In case of sharp changes in lighting conditions (when you pull out of a tunnel, drive against the light, etc.) the automatic exposure compensation technology WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) will help avoid “blind” spots in the recorded footage. Objects that were over or underexposed during filming will always appear crisp and informative in the recording.

Rain sensor inspired design

One of Gazer F150 most important advantages is its unique design that mimics a traditional car rain sensor. Even the mounting bracket is designed in the way that it neither affects the DVR’s usability nor makes it too bulky. Moreover, in spite of F150 modest dimensions, Gazer engineers managed to fit in a 2-inch display with an automatic screen timeout feature. The DVR’s smart design provides for easy and discreet installation without any impact on the usability and comfort. Once positioned and fixed in place, the DVR neither blocks the driver’s view nor draws unwanted attention, which eliminated the need for mounting and demounting it all the time. The driver can simply leave the DVR in the car and have no fear for the safety of his/her property.

Record more videos with 2 SD cards

Availability of two SD memory card slots supporting a total of 128 Gb of memory is what makes Gazer F150 model truly unique. Thanks to this feature, the user can not only record more videos but also enjoy quite a few other benefits that significantly improve the DVR’s usability. It means that in case of a controversial accident, when you need to submit the recorded footage to traffic police or other authorities, you will always have your own copy of important video files. As could be expected, you can easily delete, copy and transfer files from one card to the other using the DVR menu. The DVR records successively on both memory cards in a loop mode: when one of the cards runs out of space, the DVR automatically switches to the other without stopping the recording.

Emergency G-sensor file protection

The built-in G-sensor will automatically protect from overwriting any files recorded during hard braking, sharp turns or collisions. You can always adjust the G-sensor to accommodate your driving style and road specifications using the sensitivity adjustment function. For example, when you drive on rough terrain, you can prevent the G-sensor from frequent tripping by decreasing its sensitivity. Overwriting protection of a specific video file can be enabled by pressing a "hot key" on the DVR body.

LDWS+FCWS intelligent technologies

Gazer F150 DVR utilizes intelligent LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) systems. These systems are designed to improve traffic safety and will be truly indispensable on long road trips. LDWS, previously available only in premium car models, will promptly warn the driver whenever he/she departs from the chosen lane. FCWS, in its turn, will help prevent an accident or collision by notifying the driver should he/she fail to observe the minimal safe distance between the car and other vehicles. Both functions can be configured to meet the size of your car and conditions of the forthcoming road trip.

"Anti-sleep" function

Gazer F150 also features one of the most popular functions – driver fatigue detection system (”Anti-sleep”). This function will come in handy when you feel overtired during the trip. When this system is enabled, the DVR will periodically produce a special sound alarm to help you concentrate on the road ahead, make you less sleepy, and prevent you from dozing off behind the wheel.

Time-lapse recording

Time-lapse recording is one of the “trendy” functions specific to Gazer F150 model. When this mode is activated, the DVR captures frames with a long interval. The resulting video file, however, has a regular frame rate of 30 fps. Active social network users will definitely appreciate this feature: Time-lapse recording will serve as an incentive to experiment and share a stylish road trip video diary with friends. Furthermore, Time-lapse mode will become an effective solution for saving memory card space when one has to record a monotonous scenery for a long time (e.g., during long road trips).

Compact mount with power supply function

Shaped as a rain sensor, Gazer F150 DVR boasts an ergonomic mount that perfectly matches its body design. The mounting bracket has an important advantage – a special socket for connecting power to the DVR. This way the user does not have to plug/unplug the power cable every time he/she needs to mount/unmount the device. This is a very practical and useful feature: it allows you to lay the power cable discreetly under the trim and install the DVR in mere seconds without even breaking a sweat.

The mounting bracket is fixed on the windshield with 3M adhesive tape, while its unique and compact design does not increase the DVR’s dimensions during installation. The device also has a swivel camera lens that allows adjusting the shooting direction. Special components of the mount ensure that the DVR is securely fixed in place excluding any vibration during driving.

All-in-one supply package

Gazer F150 Super HD DVR comes with everything one needs to connect the device and start using it.

Standard supply package includes:
- compact 3М adhesive mount with power supply function;
- Gazer 16Gb micro SDHC memory card (Class 10) + Adapter;
- a 12-24V car charger;
- detailed user manual;
- a copy of the quality compliance certificate.


Gazer F150

Number of cameras


Camera viewing angle


Maximum video resolution

Super HD (2304x1296)

Recommended video resolution

Super HD (2304x1296)


F2.0 aperture

Camera rotation

Yes, vertical rotation

Video parameters

H.264, MP4

WDR function


Sound recording


Microphone muting

Yes, in the menu or by a dedicated button

Analog Video Output (TV out)


mini USB interface


Built-in display

2", 960x240, with automatic screen timeout

Memory card support

2x micro SDXC memory cards with the total capacity of up to 128 Gb

Built-in memory


Memory card included

Yes, 16GB Gazer micro SDHC memory card + adapter

Time and date watermarking


Auto activation on power-up

Yes, in the recording mode

Loop video recording


Type of mount

3М adhesive mount with power supply function

GPS module



Yes, with additional sensitivity settings

Parking mode


LDWS+FCWS systems


"Anti-sleep" function

Yes, with additional alert frequency settings

Menu password protection

Yes, a 4-character password

Time-Lapse recording



5 V, PSU 12-24 V

from the car's cigarette lighter socket

Form factor

Rain sensor design

Dimensions, mm

87х59х41 – without the mount;

107х59х46 – with the mount;


85 g – without the mount;

112 g – with the mount

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