Gazer F230w
107 USD

Gazer F230w

Full HD dash camera Gazer F230w with Wi-Fi, 2.7-inch screen, G-sensor with surveillance recording for up to 5 days, Time-Lapse, WDR, optional CPL filter and GPS with SpeedCam support, and a mount with power supply. A unique combination of technical features and functionality.

Key advantages:
  • Full HD video recording with WDR and 170° viewing angle
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Gazer Dashcam app for iPhone and Android
  • Optional GPS module with the SpeedCam feature
  • G-sensor, parking surveillance mode for up to 5 days, Time-Lapse
  • 2.7-inch screen, controls backlight, mount with power supply
  • New-generation lenses and optional polarization CPL filter
  • Unique design and top-notch usability

F230w is one of the latest developments in the lineage of Gazer Full HD dash cameras with Wi-Fi. This device combines cutting-edge technologies that have already become traditional for Gazer and state-of-the-art achievements in productivity and lens quality. Despite the multi-functionality and innovation, Gazer F230w dashcam has preserved its usability and reliability characteristic of the company.

Full HD, Sony Exmor sensor, WDR function and CPL filter

Recording quality is the main value of any dashcam. Gazer F230w dash camera records video footage in Full HD resolution (1920x1080p). 170° wide viewing angle, 6-layer coated glass lens with F2.0 aperture, and the 1/2.9” Sony Exmor matrix ensure great detail and high image quality fully harnessing the potential of Full HD resolution.

WDR function is now an industry standard for dash cameras. In case of sharp changes in the luminosity level (e.g. when exiting from a tunnel, driving against the light, etc.), this technology allows avoiding “blind” areas in recorded videos. Thanks to the WDR technology, objects that were over- or underexposed during filming will always appear crisp and informative in the recording, and the configurable CPL filter will help avoid glare on the windscreen and other reflections on the source video.

Built-in Wi-Fi module and Gazer Dashcam app

Gazer F230w dash camera has a Wi-Fi module enabling the use of the Gazer Dashcam mobile app, downloadable free from App Store or Play Market. You can use your smartphone to configure all dashcam settings, manage recorded videos and photos, save and edit video clips, and view detailed trip reports. Sharing a photo or a video clip in social media or messengers is now easier than ever – you can do it right from your car. The new app also enables updating the dashcam firmware over the air with your smartphone. You can also use your smartphone for real-time monitoring of the recording process, configuring dashcam settings and checking memory card capacity, saving recorded videos on the smartphone, and sharing video clips or photos via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as messengers and Google Drive. The app also has a video and photo editor, which allows cutting video clips. When the GPS module is connected, you can view trip information for saved video clips in the app.

GPS module and SpeedCam function

Gazer F230w supports the connection of the optional ACG230w GPS module capturing the location coordinates and the vehicle’s speed during recording. In the Gazer Dashcam mobile app, you can follow the vehicle’s route on Google maps with saved video recordings. The SpeedCam function working with the optional GPS module gives the driver a sound and a visual notification about POIs.

G-sensor, parking mode, Time-Lapse

The dashcam has a built-in G-sensor that responds to sharp position changes along all three axes. In Gazer F230w dashcam, this sensor ensures the safety of video files captured during sharp changes in the car speed or driving direction as well as in case of emergencies. When the G-sensor is tripped, video files are moved to a separate folder to prevent them from overwriting due to loop recording. The video lasts from one to five minutes depending on settings and serves as evidence to find out the cause of external impact. The videos remain always available for viewing and uploading to a smartphone until the user deletes them in the app.

Thanks to the built-in 400 mAh battery, F230w dashcam can operate in the parking mode for up to five days. After the engine is turned off, the dashcam switches to the standby mode and will start recording when the G-sensor is triggered, saving a video fragment of such duration as preset in loop recording settings and switching back to the standby mode.

F230w dashcam has the Time-Lapse function (video recording at one frame per second) that can be enabled in settings. The Time-Lapse recording duration depends on the memory card volume.

2.7” screen, mount with power supply and button backlight

Gazer F230w dashcam has a large high-aspect ratio 2.7-inch screen to maximize usability. The screen displays all information about the current settings in the form of icons. With F230w, you can easily manage and set up recording direction and view videos without the mobile app.

A characteristic feature of Gazer F230w dashcam is the innovative quick-detachable mount that enables effortless and instantaneous mounting and unmounting of the dashcam. You can easily detach the dashcam when leaving the car in the parking. At the same time, the device is secured during driving and preserves the preset position. 270° dashcam rotation helps customize the video recording or set it up according to the situation depending on the purpose.

The power supply cable is connected to the mount, and the power is supplied to the dashcam through the mount socket. The mount design suits the device itself and will look harmoniously inside the car. Button backlight will be handy when using the device during nighttime.

Support of memory cards up to 32 Gb

You may not be concerned about the duration of video recordings that are stored on F230w dashcam with up to 32 Gb microSDHC memory cards. The maximum duration of loop recording in F230w is up to 5 hours in Full HD and 8 hours in HD.

Connection slots

F230w has up-to-date slots for connecting external devices. MiniHDMI enables commuting the dashcam and a playback device to display the image on large screens, and miniUSB enables moving files to the computer without additional devices and adapters. The 12\24V power adapter socket is on the dashcam mount.

All-in-one package

Gazer F230w dashcam comes with everything one needs to connect the device and start using it. The standard supply package includes:

  • Gazer F230w dash camera;
  • Mount;
  • Mount counterpart;
  • Car power adapter 12/24V;
  • USB cable;
  • User’s manual;
  • Warranty card;

You can optionally order the Gazer ACG230w GPS module, and Gazer ACF-CPL polarization CPL filter.

ModelGazer F230w
No. of cameras1
 Camera viewing angle170°
Maximum video resolutionFull HD (1920x1080)
Sensor resolution2Мп, Sony sensor
Lens F2.0 aperture, optional CPL filter
Camera rotationRotation of the entire device
Video characteristicH.264, MOV
Microphone mutingYes, by long pressing the button
Analog Video Output (AV out)Yes
miniUSB interfaceYes
miniHDMI interfaceYes
Built-in display2,7", 960x240
Memory card supportmicroSDHC, up to 32GB
Built-in memoryNo
Time and date watermarkingYes
User titles display Yes
Auto activation on power-upYes, in parking mode
Циклическая запись видеоYes
Type of mount3M scotch mount with power supply, Vacuum (optional)
GPS module Optional
G-sensorYes, with surveillance recording for up to 5 days
Motion sensorYes
Voice commentsNo
Viewing softwareYes, Gazer Dashcam for iOS and Android
 Power5V, power supply from a cigarette lighter
BatteryBuilt-in, 400 mAh
Dimensions, mm103х51х41
Weight, g94
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