Gazer F735g
198 USD

Gazer F735g

Gazer F735g dashcam with Quad HD recording, Wi-Fi and GPS modules as well as an innovative magnetic mount with power supply function combines cutting-edge technologies with unique design and excellent usability. The mobile app allows viewing and sharing recorded videos across social networks and messengers as well as analyzing one’s road trips and driving style. Support of a second dashcam connection via Wi-Fi makes it possible to create a dual-channel wireless system.

Key advantages
  • Quad HD video recording with WDR and 140° viewing angle
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module and support for a second dashcam connection
  • Gazer Viewer app for iPhone and Android
  • Innovative magnetic mount with power supply function
  • GPS module with trip and driving style analytics
  • Support for high capacity memory cards (up to 128 Gb), seamless video footage
  • Wireless button for saving photos and video clips
  • G-sensor, parking mode, and Time-Lapse recording
  • Unique design and top-notch usability
Quad HD recording with WDR function

Recording quality constitutes the main value of any dashcam. Gazer F735g car dashcam records video footage in Quad HD (2560x1440p) resolution. 140° wide viewing angle, 6-layer coated lens with F1.8 aperture, and 1/3” sensor deliver supreme image quality fully harnessing the potential of 2K video recording.

WDR function is now an industry standard for all high-end dashcams. In case of sharp changes in the luminosity level (e.g., when exiting from a tunnel, driving against the light, etc.), this technology allows avoiding “blind” areas in recorded videos. Thanks to WDR technology, objects that were over or underexposed during filming will always appear crisp and informative in the recording.

Built-in Wi-Fi module and support for a second dashcam connection

Gazer F735g dashcam has a Wi-Fi module enabling the use of Gazer Viewer app downloadable from App Store or Play Market. With Gazer Viewer app, you can use your smartphone to configure the dashcam settings, manage recorded videos and photos, save and edit video clips, and view detailed trip reports. Sharing a photo or a video clip in social media or messengers is now easier than ever – you can do it right from your car.

Gazer F735g dashcam supports pairing with Gazer F720 dashcam via Wi-Fi. Combining two devices into a single network, this feature allows using them as a dual-channel system and watching streaming video from both dashcams at the same time in “Picture-in-picture” mode. Furthermore, there is a single emergency recording button. When it is pressed, two screenshots and two 10-30 second video clips are captured on both dashcams simultaneously. Each of the dashcams records to its own memory card independently from the other, and the duration of archival footage does not decrease due to the use of two recording channels.

Gazer Viewer app for iOS and Android smartphones

For convenient Gazer F735g dashcam management, one can use Gazer Viewer app downloadable from App Store or Play Market. The app allows using your smartphone for real-time monitoring of the recording process, configuring dashcam settings and checking memory card capacity, saving recorded videos on the smartphone, and sharing video clips or photos via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as messengers and Google Drive. Video clips and photos captured by pressing the remote button are uploaded to your smartphone automatically whenever you launch the app so that you could publish them at any convenient time. The app also has a video and photo editor, which allows editing and cutting video clips, adding music, visual effects, subtitles, etc.

Innovative magnetic mount with power supply function

What sets Gazer F735g dashcam apart from other dashcam models is its innovative quick-release magnetic mount, which allows instant and effortless installation and dismantling. You can easily remove the dashcam when leaving your car in the parking lot. This, however, does not prevent the dashcam from remaining securely fixed and keeping its position when the car is in motion.

The dashcam power cable is connected to the mount and power is supplied to the device through a magnetic connector. The mount itself is fixed on the car windshield by means of a 3M adhesive pad, which allows removing the mount from the windshield if you need to install it in another vehicle. The design of the mount matches that of the dashcam making it a perfect fit in any modern car.

GPS module and trip analytics

Gazer F735g has a GPS module built into the dashcam mount. The GPS receiver captures the location coordinates and the vehicle’s speed during recording, which will also be displayed on the video footage as captions. You can use the mobile app to follow the route of the car and its speed on a Google map and get plenty of extra information about your road trips, driving style, and even athletic achievements.

The dashcam will record all your trips and for each of them you will be able to see the number of sudden accelerations and brakes (with the initial and final speed indicated), as well as the number of sharp turns and the speed of the car during such maneuvers. You will have access to such data as maximum and average speed, total elevation (in meters), maximum and average altitude above the sea level. The dashcam will also record the fastest acceleration from 0 to 60 km/h and from 0 to 100 km/h as well as the minimal braking distance in case of deceleration from 60 to 0 km/h and from 100 to 0 km/h. All these data can be presented as a single table and shared across social networks or messengers. Based on these data, the dashcam will assess your driving style on a scale of 1 to 100 encouraging you to hone your skills and mastery.

Support of 128 Gb memory cards

With full support of 128 Gb micro SDXC memory cards you may no longer worry about the duration of video clips stored on Gazer F735g dashcam. The dashcam is capable of recording over 26 hours of video footage in Quad HD resolution, which is roughly equal to two weeks of normal usage. Should you require a bigger archive containing up to 37 hours of video footage, all you need to do is switch to HD recording mode in the dashcam settings.

All files are displayed in the app as a continuous timeline without separation into individual video clips. Gaps between video clips, even theoretical ones, are now a thing of the past – you can be sure that not a single moment of recorded footage will be lost. You can use the mobile app to set the beginning and the end of the required segment on the timeline and save it to your smartphone as a separate video file.

Wireless button for saving photos and video clips

The great idea of capturing important and interesting moments during your trip took shape in Gazer F735g. The dashcam has an elegant wireless button with a special adhesive mounting pad that can be securely attached to virtually any surface inside the car and just as easily removed without any trace or damage. The button can also be attached to a key holder or a key chain.

This way you can instantly take a photo or capture a 10-30 second video clip (depending on dashcam settings) whenever you need. In this case, the first half of the video clip will be recorded before you press the button and the second – after you do it. All such photos and video clips will be uploaded automatically to your smartphone the next time you open Gazer Viewer app and you will be able to publish or share them at any convenient time.

G-sensor, parking mode, and Time-Lapse recording

The dashcam has a built-in G-sensor that responds to sharp position changes along all three axes. In Gazer F735g dashcam, this sensor ensures the safety of video files captured during sharp changes in the car speed or driving direction as well as in case of emergencies. When the G-sensor is tripped, video files are moved to a separate folder to prevent them from overwriting due to loop recording. They remain always available for viewing and uploading to a smartphone until the user deletes them in the app.

Gazer F735g dashcam will automatically detect when the car stops and stays still for more than 10 minutes. In this case, the parking mode will be enabled, which means that the dashcam will start recording time-lapse videos at one frame per second. This is enough to capture what happens around the parked car while saving a significant amount of memory space, which allows storing more video footage recorded when the car is in motion.

Unique design and top-notch usability

Gazer F735g dashcam design has been inspired by the stylish looks of modern sports vehicles and premium car models. With its innovative mount, wireless button, and charger, the dashcam will make a perfect addition to the car interior. You can put the wireless button in the most convenient place so that it would always be within reach thus enabling you to capture important or interesting events during your road trips. An extra USB port on the charger makes it possible to connect the dashcam and a smartphone simultaneously. The magnetic mount with power supply function provides the user with complete freedom to remove and install the dashcam with just one hand. Should you need to remove the mount as well, there is no problem here – simply detach it from 3M pad. Everything has been done to ensure your convenience and comfort providing you with a maximum amount of tools and possibilities for photo and video capture during your road trips.

All-in-one supply package

Gazer F735g dashcam comes with everything one needs to connect the device and start using it. Standard supply package includes:
- Gazer F735g DVR;
- Mount;
- Remote control;
- Mount part with 3M scotch;
- Car power adapter 12/24V;
- USB cable;
- Installation kit;
- User manual;
- Warranty card;


Gazer F735g

Number of cameras


Viewing angle


Maximum video resolution

Quad HD (2560x1440)


6-layer coated glass lens with F1.8 aperture



Video parameters

H.264, MP4

WDR function


Sound recording


Microphone muting


Micro USB interface


Micro SDXC memory card support

up to 128 Gb

Date and time stamps


Auto activation on power-up


Loop video recording


Type of mount

3M adhesive pad



Parking mode



2.4 GHz

Time-Lapse recording

Yes, in parking mode


5V, PS12/24V from the car's cigarette lighter socket with an extra 1A USB port


Built-in, 250 mAh

Dimensions, mm


Weight, g


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