Gazer CM6507-100S
449 USD

Gazer CM6507-100S

Universal car multimedia system with anti-glare 6.75” screen IPS/Antiglare, ОS Android 6, 4x core 1.5 GHz, 2Gb RAM 16Gb ROM, 800x480 Multitouch anti-glare screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, support of 3G modems, support of surround view systems and video cameras, connection of T2 tuner, dashcams, MP3, MP4, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, APE, AAC, WMA, MKV, AVI

Universal car multimedia system with anti-glare 6.75” screen IPS/Antiglare


Gazer head units now feature the CarPlay technology, especially for Apple fans. The entire iPhone functionality is now displayed on the device with a proprietary user interface through the cable connection with the multimedia system.

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Plot your routes, make calls, send and receive messages, listen to music – you can do all this without being distracted from the road. Just plug in your iPhone and enjoy your ride. The CarPlay technology was designed for drivers and supports Siri voice control (the technology can also be synced with the car control elements: the steering wheel buttons and the touch display).

Thanks to the Siri voice assistant, you can play back the incoming message or reply to an SMS using voice typing. For example, “Siri, send a message to Alex: I’m coming, will be there in 10 minutes.” Or you can use voice commands for applications: “Siri, call Jack”, “Siri, plot the route to 221B Baker Street”, “Siri, what’s the weather like today?”

Using the CarPlay technology, you can sync music from your iPhone or from the Apple Music subscription. With this technology, you can synchronize playlists and playback of your favourite track.

The CarPlay function enables you to synchronize applications installed on your iPhone, arrange icons on the Gazer multimedia system display and manage applications from the head unit screen or using Siri.

With the CarPlay technology, it is possible to synchronize Apple maps installed on your iPhone and display them on the Gazer multimedia system screen. The integration with mail and messages will make the route plotting convenient and fast. You can plot the route from point A to point B with just one click on the address in a message. Also, when using Google maps you can use navigation with voice prompts and at the same time switch between songs in one application.

Thanks to the CarPlay function in Gazer multimedia systems, you will not have to divert your attention to incoming calls and messages when driving. All functions of your iPhone have been integrated in the head unit making your trip as comfortable, convenient and safe as possible.

Maximum speed of operation and Hi-Fi sound quality

The hardware platform includes a powerful 4x-core 1.5 GHz CPU 2 Gb RAM, 16 Gb flash memory, one slot for microSD memory cards allowing you to expand the storage capacity to a total 64 Gb, Android 6, and the support of an external USB hard drive up to 2 Tb.

Hi-Fi amplifier ensures high sound quality that is not inferior to stock car audio systems. High output of 4х60W, separate subwoofer volume control, 9-band equalizer with nine sound presets, acoustic center calibration and Loud stereo function.

6.75-inch screen with anti-glare coating

The 6.75” screen has 800x480 resolution. Capacitive multi-touch (5 points) sensor enables very precise radio control. Easy touch response and system performance will be a pleasant surprise. The anti-glare screen coating removes reflections or sunbeams almost completely and ensures high image quality at any angle and in any weather.

GPS navigation with selectable platforms and maps

Online and Offline navigation apps enable very precise land navigation and optimal route plotting depending on traffic jams. Navigators and maps can be downloaded from Play Market for personal use. Fast connection, rendering of 3D objects in 3D maps, compass-based orientation, information about altitude above sea level, and route precision make Gazer multimedia systems the market leader.

Bluetooth with superb mic and track information

The ability to synchronize several devices and share data, manage the phone book from the multimedia system screen and the HandsFree function allow remaining a traffic participant without distracting to mobile devices.

The built-in microphone with a wide beam angle enables free communication from anywhere in the car. With Gazer CM6507-100S, you can also play back and switch playlists from the mobile device with the track information displayed on the screen of the Gazer multimedia system.

Wi-Fi and support of 3G modems

Gazer CM6507-100S multimedia system also has a built-in Wi-Fi module and supports 3G modems. Installation of apps, navigation, YouTube and other multimedia, social networks, and messengers. You will always remain in touch with you dear ones, get the latest news, watch your favorite films and have video chats. It is all possible thanks to the Wi-Fi connection of the multimedia system and USB connection of external modems.

Insert a modem in the USB slot of the multimedia system, and the device will shortly connect to the Internet automatically without any further setup. You can also use your smartphone or portable Wi-Fi hotspot to connect the multimedia system to the Internet.

Better FM coverage, support of DAB/DAB+

The improved reception system of the FM tuner and the installation of signal filters have significantly enhanced the sound quality in Gazer CM6507-100S. Automatic radio station setup with the memory function and point-wise manual frequency tuning make the tuner flexible and user-friendly. The RDS function displays the station name in addition to frequency. The support of the DAB/DAB+ (digital audio broadcasting) accessory allow listening to digital radio stations in regions where there is the digital radio broadcast.

Connection of rear/front view cameras, trajectory plotting and display of the stock parking assistant

The ability to connect rear/front view cameras, trajectory plotting and display of the stock parking assistant will be a considerable advantage for drivers in the city. Parking in new places will become easier if the car has additional cameras and parking systems or a surround view camera. With Gazer CM6507-100S, switching between cameras is almost instantaneous, so you can park by just looking at the device screen. It is possible to connect stock accessories, original cameras and original parking assistant to Gazer CM6507-100S.

StandBy mode with zero power consumption

In the StandBy mode, Gazer CM6507-100S consumes 0 W of power. The device exits the standby mode automatically and instantaneously when the engine is started. StandBy allows you to be always a step ahead and not waste time on constant system loading. The device memorizes all active applications and allows you to continue following the preset navigation route or watching the video from where you stopped. The system may remain in the StandBy mode for up to an hour (after switching off the car’s onboard computer). The energy efficiency of the device saves the battery and prolongs the use of its resource.

Support of multiple USB devices, external monitors and Т2

You can always expand the functionality of the Gazer multimedia system by connecting different external devices such as digital DVB-T2 TV receiver, external analog audio and video source, and digital control devices. The USB-hub enables connection of multiple USB devices at a time. The ability to connect two additional external monitors to Gazer CM6507-100S will allow the passengers to enjoy films or videos with maximum comfort.


Besides, the Gazer multimedia system is fully compatible with Gazer F715, Gazer F720, Gazer F735g dashcams and Gazer rear view cameras. Appreciate the unique advantages of using rear view cameras with the Gazer multimedia system. You do not have to wait until the system loads completely – the image from the video camera will be fed to the multimedia screen just seconds after the engine is started or the rear gear is selected.

Operating system

Android 6


Quad Core 1.5 GHz





3D graphics hardware acceleration


HD hardware decoder



6.75” IPS anti-glare, capacitive, multi-touch.

Screen resolution


Video input color system


Sound processor




Audio settings

9-band parametric equalizer


4.1 linear output, 2x AV out


2x AV in, 2x Camera in (rear and front* view cameras (* front view camera is optional))


Hands free, caller ID, incoming/outgoing/missed calls, A2DP – streaming audio from the smartphone with track names, phone book, AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile)

Wireless streaming of media data


Remote GPS antenna, 2D/3D navigation apps support

Supported navigation apps

Google Maps, Navitel, iGo, Cityguide, Here We Go

FM frequency range

87.5-108.0 MHz

AM frequency range

522-1620 kHz

SD/USB support

microSDHC up to 32 Gb, USB Flash up to 2 Tb

Supported formats

MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC / ALAC / APE / AAC / MP4 / AVI / MKV / FLV / XVID / DivX

Wireless networks

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, external USB 3G modems (WCDMA)

Multifunctional steering wheel

Multimedia control with stock steering wheel buttons, customizable steering wheel button functions




GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, microSDHC, 2x AV in, USB, 4.1 Line out, 2x A/V out, external USB 3G modem, 2x Camera in for rear and front* view cameras (* front view camera is optional)

Package contents

Power cable, loudspeaker connection cable, Audio out cable, Video in/out cable, microphone, GPS antenna


DC 12V

Operating temperature

-20°C – +70°C

Storage temperature

-30°C – +80°C