Dash cams 2018

Often, when you get to know the specifications of the dash cameras, you see just the perfect device. But as soon as you watch the first video, you're running back to the store.

It is not difficult for manufacturer to install a wide lens in the dash camera and a Full HD matrix. Another thing to correspond the declared parameters. And as a rule, the buyer paying attention on the size of the image does not consider its quality. During the night vision mode, with lack of light on the video, the sharpness appears and the picture is getting hard very difficult to disassemble. It happens that choosing an angle of more than 120 degrees, a picture is not clear on the edges. For all these cases, there is a set of specifications, knowing which will allow you to make the right choice and not lose money with it.

Gazer dash cameras are equipped with a six-layer lens which tackles the problem of image legibility. The angle is wide, but at the same time everything is visible clearly both on the sides and in the center. In case of low light it is very important to pay attention on the aperture of the device, since the smaller value of the aperture (f /) is, the better image you get during night shooting.

We pay a lot of attention on the hardware and software of our products. Try to resist the temptation and imaginary characteristics – just appreciate the quality.

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