Dash cam with anti-glare filters

Do you buy a cool, sophisticated dash camera, with steep specifications? If you go against the sun, the light bounces from the torpedo to the windshield.
Epic fail!

As a result, the dash cam is full of highlights, which spoil the quality of the image and negate all the stated of the dash cam to a minimum.

Therefore, Gazer has developed a dash cam which does not have such a problem! Thanks to the anti-glare filters it sees through the windshield!!! The picture is clear and without glimpses.

The dash cam is equipped not only with a display, but also a Wi-Fi connection to the phone, and a GPS module

Also, we took into consideration the wishes of our customers and added the ability to display the speed of movement on the record and save the necessary of the car usage.

anti-glare filters, dash cam gps, dash cam Wi-Fi

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