While we are experiencing information technology explosion, car premium brands continue to equip their cars with multimedia devices, which largely do not meet modern requirements. Owner of luxury Range Rover has to settle for frankly outdated entertaining system which responsiveness can tire even the most patient fans of rovers. HONDA car driver instead of modern interactive navigation is offered by the manufacturer its practicality which is not competitive. Why is this happening?

The overall specificity of the car industry and high technical requirements for compatibility of head device with a car makes the process of its creating multi-step and time-consuming. If fresh specialties of smartphones are released every 3-5 months, the new version of the car is released once per three or five years, so the "backwardness" factory car stereo is so obvious. After buying a new car many car owners after several months of operation tend to change standard car stereo for more advanced device with plenty of features and capabilities.

Release of Gazer head devices became as thorough "reset" of car electronic market setting new quality standards in the multimedia segment. While others just plan and announce, Gazer has been already producing and selling ready-made solution: all the features and technologies are successfully implemented in the multimedia system, which are expected only in 1-1.5 years. This device is non-inferior to the progressive modern tablet, and superior with its functionality manifold.

Gazer represents a new generation of car multimedia systems – an indispensable device for those who want to be one step ahead right now.


Android OS and Internet connection

It is hard to imagine a useful gadget without access to the Internet. Connecting to the global network it's the first thing the head device must cope with "hands down". To do this, several convenient ways are implemented in Gazer multimedia system: via USB 2G / 3G modem or supplied USB Wi-Fi adapter. And this connection process is automated to maximum. It is enough to choose and use a convenient option for you, and multimedia system Gazer will do everything for you in future. For owners of smartphones multimedia connection to the global network will become even easier and more affordable: after activation modem mode, smartphone connected to the Internet transforms into your personal Wi-Fi hotspot. But that's not the most interesting.

Downloading of any application of thousands developments from Google Play Market and the ultimate ease of use with which can be done even by a child. That's just a small thing that the world's popular operating system Android can boast. The choice of the Android OS for Gazer multimedia system opens for user a lot of exclusive advantages: the ability to listen to music in your favorite player, open sites in your favorite browser, put on your desktop a favorite photo, and place widgets and shortcuts as you like. But the main advantage of Android is definitely the largest application store – Google Play Market. This means that after having heard about some useful web service, you cannot help finding it in Google Play Market.

Android OS and Internet connection

Voice-activated control

You know these exciting opportunities, "Okay! GOOGLE: Bring me whisky..." It is a pity that the multimedia system Gazer does not think in this way, and Google has not learned yet. But entering the route in the navigation program is quite simple. And if it is more like a luxury in your phone or tablet, in the car it is a real security system while driving. Agree, typing the address on the way draws your attention away from the road, and therefore Gazer CMS has a voice input. Having opened the navigation program you simply press a voice input button and speak address then the program recognizes your speech and shows your location. You just have to click "Let's go"!

Voice-activated control

Software Update

Any serious manufacturer regularly modifies and updates the software of his devices. But the prospect of tracking the release of new firmware and its subsequent installation frightens many people. Simply put, if you have already left the center of the installation, you can not see the next software update unless you become friends with installers and visit him every week to year the news. What does offer Gazer in this respect?

When you connect to the Internet multimedia system software is updated automatically with the technology of remote software updates - OTA (Over The Air). Gazer became the first in the world who introduced the update with OTA in car multimedia system. This modern technology allows you to install new firmware without any efforts. There will be no more exhausting search for references, inconsolable attempts to install everything by yourself and the inevitable appeals to service after that. Gazer multimedia system will do everything in stead of you: it will search for relevant updates by itself, inform you of their presence, and suggest making the installation. One touch and the firmware update will be installed on your media center in a few minutes. What to say? Everything is as in your smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth module

It's no secret that innocent sending SMS or minute talk on a cell phone while driving can have the direst consequences. But armed with useful technology you can always stay in touch without tempting fate. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth Gazer multimedia system easily synchronizes with a mobile phone. The result of this connection is appearing of series of practical features. The driver can load his phonebook into a multimedia system and make or receive calls without being distracted from driving. In this case, the display will show incoming and outgoing calls, and you can easily manage the logbook and find the right call. In future, you will be pleasantly surprised by the reason that a multimedia system will "recognize" your phone and synchronize by itself with it. And information about contacts and calls will be deleted from the memory after each trip.

For managing the playlist, streaming audio supporting from your phone to a multimedia system with a variety of tools is provided for music fans. At the same time you can connect to the multimedia system device based on any operating system including iPhone / iPod. Listening to your favorite music collection inside the car will turn to you a real pleasure: in Gazer multimedia system record opportunities are implemented to achieve perfect sound stage. But this should tell us more.

Bluetooth module


After listening to the sound of poor quality people more tire and maybe you do not even notice it. Because of the way our ear is designed a kind of filtering various noise and interference of sounds is conducted during the perception. Bad sound so quickly tires because of this reason. Revisiting audio playback in Gazer multimedia system engineers approached thoroughly and the results are significantly ahead of competitors. And even if you never consider yourself a music lover, you will wonder how long you can listen to music in the car with pleasure.

Gazer multimedia system running on Android OS is the first device with DSP sound processor. Digital Signal Processor Philips of Hi-Fi class and ample opportunities to adjust the music playback are appreciated not only by fans, but also industry professionals. Judge for yourself:

- unique 9-band equalizer with a set of preset modes each having a different set of variable frequencies. In other words, you have at your disposal nine multi-band equalizer to adjust unique sound for any genre of music. Adjust a setting that you like and equalizer will remember all the settings for the automatic applying in future.

- "Crossover" function with three frequency filters for each group of speakers as well as a low pass filter for the subwoofer, with a phase switch. Each filter can adjust the level and setting of the cutoff frequency up to one Hertz. Such a serious tool will allow to achieve mesmerizing clarity. But the most important thing is the fact that without it is almost impossible to do because any car definitely need further adjustment of sound. The original (standard) car recorder has crossovers programmed in the factory according to auto acoustic set. While substituting the head device for any other head device it is important to apply the cutoff frequency and set up a new media center for your speakers. If there are no such settings, the speakers will "cut-off" and "rattle" regardless of the level and cost of multimedia system. This is due to the fact that all the speakers will be "sent" the entire frequency range while they are not able to play back the whole one.

- setting the delay time of sound in channels for different zones in the passenger zones of a car. Since you can’t sit in the center of the cabin, you need to set the delay of sound arrival to you from each speaker so that the sound arrives to you at the same time from all the speakers. Then you will have the feeling that you are sitting in the middle of the hall and the musicians play in front of you and for you. This function is available in many premium cars and it's available for you in Gazer multimedia system. You can tune it by yourself according to data of Gazer for your car or to your own feelings.

Gazer multimedia center supports all popular music formats, including MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, APE and many others. Thanks to this listening to your favorite tracks on multimedia system will always be very easy and comfortable (accessible). But in terms of sound and music it's not the most pleasant thing that prepared Gazer multimedia developers.


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