Gazer VI700A

Multimedia interface Gazer VI700A with GPS navigation based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS is a multimedia device that allows you to expand the functions of your car's in-dash display unit. As a result, the capabilities of your multimedia system are greatly expanded up the maximum possible set of functionalities. The Gazer interface uses the standard multimedia system of your vehicle as a display and audio amplifier, while working as a powerful computer, GPS navigator, and video signal transducer. Both the original display and audio player unit remain in place and keep functioning as usual.

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The main advantage of the Gazer VI700A multimedia interface is that it is installed without tampering with the original head unit. Your car's head unit is customized as best as possible for your car, and for the in-dash sound system in particular. The audio player operates as part of the vehicle; it is connected with other electronic systems via a CAN digital bus and is not only responsible for the audio playback, but is a part of the car's control computer. This is why it is not desirable to modify the original head unit. However, using the Gazer VI700A multimedia interface you can substantially expand the head unit's functionality and transform it into a full-fledged media center, which would increase the road safety and the level of comfort for the driver and passengers alike. All original functions such as radio, playback from SD cards and USB drives, Bluetooth, audio settings, and vehicle functions controls will work as intended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Connection of the Gazer VI700A multimedia interface to your car's display and audio system is performed by a single push of a button, after which the driver has the following additional options to increase safety: the possibility to connect rear and front view cameras with path outline; Gazer surround camera system with options of a black box and a security camera for a parked car; support of the original parking assistant image over the cameras' view or the panoramic view, and many other features.

The GPS navigator function allows you to develop itineraries. When Internet connection is available, it will obtain and use the information about traffic conditions. Thanks to the possibility to connect your iPhone or Android smartphone and use the car's touch screen as a fully functional display, you will get much more than Car Play or Android Auto modes would give you; you are getting limitless possibilities only comparable to the functionality of a tablet or a laptop computer built into your car. Moreover, to spend quality time in a parked car, you can connect two additional audio/video sources, for example, a digital TV tuner, dash camera, external DVD player, black box, or even a karaoke machine or a PlayStation game console.


The Gazer VI700A multimedia interface is a Plug-and-Play device (Pin-to-Pin); the original wiring of the vehicle is not tampered with during installation. The interface is a separate unit, which is mounted behind the original display and is connected to the car's audio unit and CAN digital bus using the original cable that connects the display to the car's electrical circuits. The operating principle can be compared to the switching of signal sources in an ordinary TV; when started, the interface simply takes control of the head unit's original screen to display its output on it.

Audio is transmitted through the car's original speakers using the car's built-in amplifier (depending on the head unit's model). If your car's multimedia system is Bluetooth enabled, Gazer VI700A multimedia interface can be connected to the head unit and transmit audio via Bluetooth, whereas your smartphone will still be working in the speakerphone Hands Free mode using the original head unit. The multimedia interface could also be connected to the system via the regular AUX input, and can even use a separate external speaker included in the interface's standard set.

To control the display, you can use the original touchscreen panel of your multimedia system, or install a touchscreen panel designed specifically for your car's head unit. As a result, a regular display becomes a touchscreen, which you can conveniently use to control all the functions and applications of the Gazer VI700A multimedia interface. The multimedia interface can be also controlled via an original joystick, touch pad, or other control elements provided by the vehicle's manufacturer. It is also possible to use an optional keyboard and a mouse connected via the USB port to control the interface.

The interface is launched and audio-video sources are selected by an existing button available in the car (for instance, NAVI, TEL, Voice). If there is no such button in your car, an optional external button from the set will be used. When the car is in reverse, the display is automatically switched to the rear view camera or the panoramic view.


The Gazer VI700A multimedia interface is Wi-Fi enabled. A 3G modem can be connected via a USB port. When you connect a 3G modem with a SIM card, you will be connected to the Internet by Android OS. Then you can use any Internet browser, messenger (Skype, Viber, WeChat), various social networks (Facebook), mail clients, navigation programs, online TV, Internet radio, streaming audio, YouTube, Internet podcasts, and many others. There are no restrictions at all. Gazer multimedia interface works as a tablet or a laptop built into your car.

To conveniently control your account balance, you can use a complementary SIM card of your phone or a separate plan the best rates and a maximum 3G coverage. While traveling abroad, you can use a local provider's SIM card and keep using the Internet without any roaming charges. The Wi-Fi feature provides you with Internet access around any Wi-Fi hotspot, for example, in your office, home, or in a restaurant. This is the most convenient way to download all the necessary applications and content to the multimedia system as quick as possible. You could also use your smartphone as a hotspot and access the Internet via its local Wi-Fi network.

If you connect a 3G modem to the Gazer VI700A multimedia interface, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect other mobile devices or laptops in your car's interior to the Internet using the account of the modem's SIM card. Wi-Fi activation and connection of your wireless devices will be performed automatically each time you start the car.


You can install and use any navigation software you like. Just download it from PlayMarket or install it onto the Gazer multimedia interface directly. When you are connected to the Internet, you can get access to the traffic situation and road conditions in real time. This allows you to plan your trip and choose an optimal route. A powerful GPS antenna and modern hardware enable a stable satellite reception and provide your car's exact location under any conditions.

When you have Internet access, you can download all the necessary maps right from your car, even if you are abroad. All the maps are saved to an SD memory card (up to 32 GB) installed in the Gazer multimedia interface. This leaves the USB port free and prevents accidental disconnection of the maps' storage.


Your iPhone or Android smartphone is your personal assistant perfectly customized to your lifestyle. You will undoubtedly appreciate the convenience of the use of its applications and content in the car. The Gazer VI700A multimedia interface is allows you to connect your iPhone or Android smartphone to the interface. It mirrors the phone's screen on the car head unit's display. Sound is streamed through the original car speakers or an additional external speaker included in the set. You can control your smartphone through the touchpad of the car's display. This option is available for Android smartphones with MHL support. A smartphone can be connected either by MHL cable or a Wi-Fi connection (AirPlay and MirrorLink modes). When you unplug the cable from the smartphone, the connection automatically switches to wireless mode.

This way you integrate your smartphone into your car and are able to use all phone's features, apps, and settings without diverting your attention from the road and jeopardizing the road safety. Unlike the CarPlay (iPhone) and Android Auto (Android) modes, a connection to the Gazer multimedia interface does not limit the possibilities of using your smartphone through the car's display and allows you to mirror your phone's desktop and all the apps you are accustomed to using. Gazer multimedia interface is equipped with a high-quality external microphone for voice control of Android's functions and apps.







With the help of Gazer multimedia interface, your car's head unit is ready to play back any audio and video format, including the most popular formats FLAC, ALAC, MKV, standard formats MP3, MP4, AVI, and many others. To ensure the highest video playback quality, the interface has a hardware decoder, which allows you to open and play back the most popular formats seamlessly without using the processor's resources. To play back other formats, you can use any codec or player compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. Such software can be easily downloaded from PlayMarket.

To connect storage devices, use the external USB port conveniently located in the glove compartment. You can use several USB drives, including a USB 3G modem. The Gazer multimedia interface is compatible with USB hubs and allows for up to 4 USB devices to be connected simultaneously, including an external USB hard disk drive*.


The Gazer VI700A multimedia interface employs your vehicle's in-dash audio system with the primary goal of increasing your safety on the road. To that end, the Gazer interface allows connections of the rear and front view cameras, the Gazer panoramic view system, and the parking assistant.

If your car is already equipped with a rear view camera, then you are well familiar with the advantages of a video assistant. You can expand its capabilities by adding a front view camera or a panoramic view system. If however you don't have a rear view camera yet, then the benefits of these lifesaving options that will bring you additional comfort and safety cannot be overemphasized. Whether you use a manufacturer's camera or a custom Gazer camera, or a Gazer panoramic view system, the wheels' path will be displayed through the IPAS function, which is part of the Gazer VI700A multimedia interface.

If your car came with a factory installed parking assistant, then the information provided by PDC function will be displayed on the original car display, along with the cameras' view or the panoramic view. If your car is not equipped with a parking assistant, you can install a Gazer parking assistant. Then the multimedia interface will recognize and support this system as if it were native, and will display the information from sensors along with the cameras' view or the panoramic view.

As for the Gazer panoramic view system, it can be installed and connected to the head unit's monitor using Gazer VI700A video interface. This system not only provides safety and comfort during parking, but it also assists driving under limited visibility or limited space conditions, for example, on the road with a high curb, on narrow bridges, or when driving between small obstacles (stubs, flower beds, road cones). Moreover, the panoramic view system is a 4-channel dashboard camera. Video from each of the 4 cameras is saved in a loop to the memory card. When the car is parked, the device switches to the security mode. Recording is triggered by on impact on the car, however small.


The Gazer VI700A multimedia interface supports the connection of additional audio-video sources, such as the Gazer TV tuner, to your vehicle's head unit. Depending on the model, the tuner has two or four independent antennas that can be concealed on the front and rear windshields. The antennas ensure consistent signal reception under any conditions and at any speed so that rear seat passengers could watch TV.

The Gazer interface also allows you to connect a black box in order to modify its settings and play back videos on the head unit's display. When you sit in the parked car, whether you prefer to watch movies from an external DVD or media player, enjoy your Play Station, or even perform karaoke, you will be able to do any of these things - just connect your car's media player to the Gazer VI700A multimedia interface!

* The total current cannot exceed 2000 mA.