Multimedia and GPS navigation for any vehicle

Gazer multimedia interface substantially expands the functionality of the manufacturer installed in-dash multimedia system of a modern vehicle. Android OS, GPS navigation with traffic updates, connection to your iPhone or Android smartphone, front and rear view cameras, panoramic view system - those are just some highlights of the list of new features of your vehicle.

Bird's-eye view

Gazer panoramic view system creates a "bird's-eye view" of your vehicle as if a helicopter or a camera equipped quadcopter hovered above it. The driver can see all the obstacles and dangerous spots around the vehicle, and is able to maneuver and park in the safest possible way. The same system operates as both a 4-channel dashboard camera that records videos on all four sides of a vehicle, and as a security camera for a parked vehicle. Recording starts automatically when the parked vehicle is impacted even slightly.

For some makes and models, installation sets with manufacturer approved cameras are available. They are mounted using the slots designed by the vehicle's manufacturer.