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The capacity of a modern TV set is an extension of your smartphone; everything that you like reading, listening to and watching on mobile devices is now fully available on a Gazer Smart TV. Watching movies in online cinemas, YouTube, social networks, games and satellite or broadcast TV –now it is all in one handy Gazer device.

Gazer TV
Gazer TV

Cinematic screen

Excellent color rendering at any viewing angle is ensured by the IPS matrix with flagship subpixel configuration based on the True RGB scale, which allows users to enjoy true matric resolution. Fascinating contrast and saturation is ensured by the HDR technology. When watching your favorite movies, you can see the image the way the director saw it.

True RGB

Matrix technologies

Bluetooth version 4.0 in the Gazer TV is rather a necessity than an additional function. The connection of a BT external acoustic system, BT headphones, the remote control with a microphone and even a gamepad is possible now due to this function.

Audio and Video Formats

  • DRM support in online cinemas
  • 60fps video playback
  • hardware decoding of H.265 (HEVC) and H.264 (AVC) files
  • 4K video descaling (to 125 Mb/s) for HD and Full HD models
  • Support of VP8 and VP9 (YouTube) codecs
  • Support of OpenGL ES 3.1, OpenCL 1.2, Vulcan 1.0 and Direct 3D 9.0 L3 (for games)
  • FLAC audio playback
  • Support of Dolby (AC3, EAC3) and DTS codecs

Gazer TV Launcher | App installation

  • Recommended videos on YouTube
  • Popular apps for TV
  • Screensavers with video or photo collections
  • Quick-access key programming
  • Search box and quick shortcut moving
  • OTA updates
  • Google PlayMarket
  • Alternative App Store
  • Ability to install third-party applications
  • Ability to install applications
  • with cache files

Voice control

Artificial Intelligence-based Google voice control is available* on Gazer TV and allows you not only to search Google and the other applications, but also to control applications and TV functions.

Mirroring of smartphone screen on TV and vice versa

Control your TV and mirror
the TV screen on your smartphone.

Mirror your smartphone screen on
the TV with just two touches.

Digital television

Due to the T2 digital tuner, integrated into the Gazer TV, watching channels with high quality and without any subscription fees and extraneous devices will be a pleasant experience.

Astra • Amos • Hotbird

A unique function for the users of satellite television will be an S2 built-in tuner, completely replacing a separate receiver. Search and decoding of satellite channels also takes place inside the TV, and the support of the BISS function allows users to take advantage of the three popular satellitesAstra/Amos/Hotbird.

Gazer TV application

Control your Gazer TV stylishly and conveniently with the Gazer TV mobile app, which is always at hand.

  • all control button functions
  • gyro mouse mode
  • trackpad mode
  • text input from the on-screen keyboard while searching
  • playing TV content out of a smartphone`s gallery
  • smartphone`s screen duplication on TV (iOS and Android)

Remote control

Minimum buttons -maximum convenience. Gazer TV remote control is very comfortable and ergonomic, light and pleasant to touch. There are no buttons on it that you never use, but all possible functions and settings are available.

With the unique function of control mode switching “Standard > Mouse > Slider”, one can make full use of the Internet browser and any applications regardless of their navigation.

Optional Gazer Bluetooth remotes allow you to use the gyro mouse mode, voice control, and even connect headphones directly to the remote.

ARC and CEC support

Support of ARC technology in Gazer TVs allows you to stream video and audio through a single HDMI cable. And support of CEC technology also allows you to control an external device through your Gazer TV, or vice versa to control a TV from an external device. The TV supports the connection of external 3840 ×2160 (4K) 60 Hz HDR video sources.

DLNA support

Support of DLNA on Gazer TVs allows you to send and receive any media content within your network,
as well as to display it in real time.

External HDD support

Connect to USB any flash drive or even HDD external disk up to 2 TB
to record and watch all your favourite TV shows.

Hardware configuration